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aircraft interior

"Open opportunities for smaller indoor players". Obtain aircraft interior images and royalty-free images from iStock. Get the perfect aircraft interior images. Surprisingly, most aircraft interiors are blue.

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A number of aeroplane staterooms contain entertaining equipment for travellers. As a rule, short-haul and medium-haul staterooms have no or common displays, while long-haul and ultralonghaul staterooms often have their own displays, allowing travellers to select what they want to see on their own display. Pressurisation of the cab is the process of actively injecting pressurised gas into the cab of an aeroplane to guarantee the security and convenience of travellers.

This is necessary when the airplane is at a certain height, because the air pressures would be too low to give the passenger enoughxygen. The Premium Airline offers a certain amount of air fares to give the passenger a better flight quality, but for much less cost than the Airline offers the Premium Airline[10], which is often restricted to a few extra features such as more leg room and free meals and beverages.

11 ] On board Air Canada, Superior Canada offers broader seating (3 inch on the Boeing 777-300) (2 inch on the Boeing 787), more lying surface (3 inch more than Economy), a fold-down footrest, a comfort pack, super foods and beverages on long distance cruises and much more leg room. "Open possibilities for smaller indoor players".

"Crossover-class jet maker making the cabins bigger." Luftfahrtwoche & Space Technology. 777-200LR Boeing configuration - via Youtube. Luftfahrtwoche & Space Technology.

Aerotex - textiles for the interior of aircrafts

Airtex has been offering high-quality airplane interior that can be installed by the owner himself for 66 years. Airtex recently paid a visit to the Airtex plant in Fallsington, Pennsylvania to take a look. Welcome to the Airtex Product website! This page allows you to find out more about us and our product range, search our catalog, see interior images, see our material selections on the Sample page and order a sample.

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