Boeing 737 Vip

737 Boeing Vip

The 747 VIP: Version of the 747-8 ordered by the Boeing Business Jet Division. Sale of Boeing 737 Jet. Boeing 737 500 Jet is a short to medium term twin jet for distances up to 2650 km. The Boeing 737 MAX, VIP Jet Airliner, private jet charter, aircraft rental.

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MTOW: 128,100 pounds -MLDW: 107,000 pounds -MZFW: 95,000 pounds - The airplane is serviced as part of a Boeing MSG-3 Low Utilization Program. Universal avionic system EFI890 - Multifunction display - motion chart, meteorology, traffic, terrain, SVS, EVS. PATS long-range excipient system - 7 fuel cells - refitted in 2010 SFAR88. The cockpit electronics were fully retrofitted in 2017 by Duncan Electronics of Van Nuys, California.

There are new crews with a new fleece and new safety harnesses. Rear hold capacity: 1800 pounds -Fresh Interior 2017 to 2007 by Aero Nasch - Van Nuys - California. I got new cowhide seating, new rug, new headlining. 24 seated. Dash seating in the dashboard & 3 cabin attendant places.

Fwd. crews resting/working area and crews lounger (fully equipped shallow crews lounger). Kitchen crew: baking ovens, refrigerators, sinks and storing groceries. Three toilets: (fwd. crews toilet, privat bedrooms toilet in the middle cab and guests toilet in the rear). There is a separate room in the centre cubicle with two single berths, a bedside table, a closet and a separate entertaining system. There is a separate toilet in the middle stateroom withidet.

Dashboard line and cockpit line.

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Recently converted in 2013, our VIP Boeing 737-400 Executive Airliner has been developed to maximise customer comforts, conveniences and security. Roomy and large, the cockpit offers room for 64 club class guests and a high level of seating comforts. It has a max. storage space of 5 tons, so that we can transport all the bags of our customers, even cumbersome objects such as sport gear or belting.

Boeing VIP B737-400 has a 9 hour max flying distance, making all kinds of continental travels very easily available. It features a state-of-the-art "quick-change" assistive system that allows flexibility in configurations for reach and luggage compartment space. Either we are able to maximise the reach or luggage space, or we can choose a balance of configurations.

The VIP Boeing B737 is ideal for a wide range of customers, such as groups wishing to comfortably combine travelling together; company or commercial trips; incentives or rewards trips; transportation of sporting teams or VIP fans; and enables effective and convenient movements of staff, crews and gear for musical trips or film-making.

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