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These interior design firms have experience in the development, installation and certification of Executive/VIP interiors for aircraft of the transport category. 747-8 Boeing Business Jet for sale The Qatar government's VIP carrier Qatar Amiri Flight has offered for sale one of its Boeing 747-8s. VIP aviation is an unknown niche business that is seldom made known to the world. One of the most stunning VVIP planes is now for sale on the airplane sale site.

Boeing 747-8 with VQ-BSK certification was manufactured in 2012 and shipped to Qatar Amiri Flight after completion of the 2015 cabins. The VVIP passenger compartment of the plane is awaiting a new owners' arrival three years later. Featuring a 76-passenger and 18-member flight deck, the plane provides its occupants with first-class passenger services.

The website says the Boeing plane was supplied "green" and the indoor installations were carried out by the North American Completion Center. Launched in 2015, the plane has accomplished approximately 200 flight rotations and 436 flight times. The Qatar Amiri Flight is a Qatar SAR VIP carrier operating global charters and serving solely the Qatar SAR King and Queen and other VIPs.

There are several Airbus A330 VIP and three Airbus A320 VIP fleets in the group. Boeing said the US based company was selling only 47 copies of its biggest plane, the Boeing 747-8. A number of planes were purchased by non-identified or VIP jets clients.

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It'?s a four-seat box for the clubs. Partition with 3-seater couch, convertible into a twin berth. Master lounges with 2 4-person configurations, with manual extensible desks, a large electric extensible desk with 3 chairs and a 4-seater couch. Conversation includes two CD and DVD burners, two adult video recorders (VHS), two multi-cassette recorders and two cinema amps with infra-red headphones.

Extendable monitor in the master lounges and 1 airshow function monitor.

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