Taxi Relief Stand

Taxi-relief stand

StrechFence Taxi Relief Stand Concept STRETCHfence by RMA and its affiliate TRUCK Product Architecture has reinterpreted the New York park barrier as a long-lasting, affordable urban furnishing. The STRETCHfence with its taxi-yellow surface clearly shows the position of the taxi locations that are currently difficult to find. It was created for the 2005 Design Trust for Public Space's Designing the Taxi:

New York City's Moveable Public Space convention and exhibit has been rethought; it was also shown at the Design Trust's 2007 Taxi 07 exhibit at the Jacob Javits Center.

Expected taxi rank after joint work together installs

The new East Village stand relieves urban taxi riders and a small company. New taxi stand on Avenue A between East 2 and Houston Streets is a welcome complement for taxiers. "It' a move in the right directions for taxi drivers," says lawyer Ali Najmi.

"Taxi driver pick up about 40 pieces a night. You need a place where you can stop, use amenities, have something to eat, say a prayer without stress," says Meera Joshi, Commissioner for Taxi and Limousine. Punjabi Grocery and Deli on East 1st Street and Houston was one of the biggest supporters of the stand.

The taxi drivers were able to take a rest after their 12-hour shift," says Jashon Singh of Punjabi Grocery and Deli. This 20-year-old company suffered a major loss of goodwill after the start of building the town in 2010. As we met with the proprietors of Punjabi, they were complaining about the poor building work, restricted information and the need for a taxi stand.

A DOT spokesperson said that the company was working with the TLC to possibly place a stand at the site. Now, a months later, the followers of Punjabi are glad to see one nearby, but still have reservations. There are still some works that have not yet been completed.

There are still buildings spread over this block," says Najmi. Speaking for his part, a spokesperson for the department of design and engineering says that the agencies has asked for Punjabi Deli.

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