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Alaska Miles Plan members. Changes to Alaska Airlines mileage plan: Recollection 3 month ago A laska Airlines published some announcement about changes within the Mileage Plan airline retention programme; and this is more of a memory of what these changes are - or maybe you didn't even know about them. Alaska Airlines' existing relationship with Delta Air Lines will end on Sunday, April 30, 2017 - with effect from Monday, May 1, 2017, the SkyMiles and Mileage Plan programmes will no longer be partnered.

Continue to accumulate and spend mileage on all Delta Air Lines services until Sunday, April 30, 2017 - that is, 42 workingdays before your airline expires, not today - but that will no longer be the case on Monday, May 1, 2017.

Now you can take one-way, non-refundable reward trips within the United States and Canada from only 5,000 mile plus tax and charges - up to 30 per cent fewer than ever and without reducing the number of reward slots available.

Collect up to 80 per cent more mile - excluding top flight award mileage - when you travel as a traveler in either Alaska Airlines Executive Airline seats or First Division seats with selected airline carriers worldwide. In addition, you'll accumulate mileage for more than ever before your budget fares.

Alaska Airlines offers the following examples: Mileage Plan members receive unrestricted free upgrade awards on premium seat awards in the First Grade cabins as an advantage of Mileage Plan members' deluxe privileges. In order to be entitled to free updates, your Mileage Plan qualified member number must be listed on the booking and airline mileage must be added to the Mileage Plan.

Some tariffs can be immediately converted into the First Classic cabins - provided there is enough room. In order to make sure that you are buying a rate that is suitable for your chosen purchase - and to see the available amount of memory for your purchase - please use the "Upgrade Type" preferences selector on the reservation screen for the extended flight purchase lookup.

Free up-grades will be made to the Service's U-Class and are contingent upon actual delivery, as the U-Class may not be available on all services. Zone 1 = reimbursable main cabin premiums. Once you have earned the eligible rate for your élite tier and there is room on your aircraft for your up-grade, you will be immediately updated.

You will be placed on the waiting list if no up-grades are available for your flights. When you purchase a discount rate that is not eligible for an immediate update, you will be placed on the update waiting list in the update screen for your current élite tier. Ups will be handled by élite stats within the above mentioned Ups within the Upscreen, then by tariff category and then at inception.

You will be updated immediately if an airline is available for upgrading. You will be on the waiting list until one is available if there are no available up-grades for your trip. As soon as you are on the waiting list and in your current state, Alaska Airlines will search for available updates and update them about an hours before your scheduled date of travel.

If an upgrade is available less than one hours before your scheduled date of travel, it will be handled by the booking agents at the airport gates. As soon as check-in begins, the waiting list is available either via the Alaska Airlines authorized travel service, the Gateway Information screen, or on the Alaska Airlines authorized web site with air travel information state.

Remember that the waiting list screen will only show travellers who have already check-in for the trip, so your seat on the screen will move if or when someone before you check in on the waiting list. When you are a member with MVP Gold and Gold 75K élite Gold membership, you can upgrad a travel partner who travels with you on the same flights, in the same reservations, and in the same classes of services.

Reservations with more than one accompanying person are not entitled to free up-grades. Alaska Airlines' partnership with Virgin America is no big shock, as the takeover of the carrier was cleared by the U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

A lottery as well as award points were used to celebrate the takeover. In addition to earning your own qualifying mileage, you can collect your own on Virgin America flight. Virgin America Mileage Plan earns basic mileage and airline discounts on Virgin America services as part of the Mileage Plan's top ranking.

Your services must be within the permitted 0001-1951 travel number ranges and your service must be served by Virgin America and sold by either Virgin America or Alaska Airlines. In order to receive the funds, the two-digit carrier codes - AS or VX - must appear in front of the number on your proof of ticketing or on your flight card.

The mileage accrued is calculated as a percent of the number of airline mileage actually travelled, with 500 min. points on journeys of less than 500 mile. Mileage will not be accrued for class of services not specified above. On Monday, December 19, 2016, I decided to stop participating in the rage of the above-mentioned information through countless blogs and use this period as a souvenir of the changes - especially since I recently got an e-mail from Alaska Airlines about these changes.

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