Multi Flight Trip Planning

Planning of multi-flight trips

All-in-one travel planning from commercial flights, trains, buses and ferries to hotels and apartments via Airbnb and Planning the target aircraft journey As a rule, the tours organised by LEA are quite uncomplicated and connect goal A with goal A and back again. However, sometimes we are engaged in voyages that include several destinations. Those travels have to be administered and scheduled with great attention to detail and with the involvement of many members of the group.

With one of the last tours that have been completed, let me point out a noteworthy three-week trip through Southeast Asia for an airplane operator customer.

From Bristol Airport, the customer departed Great Britain on board his Bombardier Challenger 300 and visited many prestigious and historical locations, among them Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Siem Reap (Cambodia), Yangon (Myanmar) and the Maldives. The trip was not only a "holiday of a lifetime" for the owners families and lovers, but also had an important purpose: the group did research for a non-profit foundation.

Captain Kostas Mathioudakis and First Officer Martin Porter flew the plane and the flight plan was administered by the operational staff headed by Leigh Westwood. Leigh and his crew had to manage the trip taking into account the factors common to all planning activities, from terminal transfer and check-in processes for the various travel locations to on-board dining needs (menus must be appropriate to local foods).

But when we were administering the trip to places we don't normally attend, we had to raise extra questions that had to be taken into account when planning multiple trip locations internationally. Visas During the pre-planning phase, our operational staff had to make sure that all travelers had the right visas, vaccinations and travel permits for each stage of the trip.

Also, the alternate planning premium for detours was of crucial importance. While we were fortunate on this particular trip and didn't have to redirect, you should always schedule a redirection on the basis of the flight approvals. The equipment had to be inspected in advance to make sure that we could refill it readily, replenish it and inform ourselves of the closest equipment for servicing if necessary.

There weren't many targets that had feds. The catering for the flight could only be scheduled conditionally in advanced. While we could supply off-the-shelf cash and refreshments, we had to make sure we knew where we could get supplies at each location so we could refill the plane.

The organization of this trip for our customer was an enthralling and unforgettable experience that strengthened three principals that increase the value of an outing. Go outside the box; multi-trip planning requires a greater number of variable factors, and it is important to consider any possible result before starting the itinerary. As far as the passengers are concerned, all work runs in the back to make sure that everything runs smooth and on time.

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