How to make Air Freshener with Orange Peels

Making air fresheners with orange peels

Slice one orange in half. Put the orange bowl in a plastic sandwich bag or a small plastic bowl. Pour these orange peels into boiling water and fill your kitchen with the amazing aroma of oranges! And you can even rub the shell against fluorescent tubes for an air freshener. They're also good for skin and hair.

Natural recipe for orange spices

Ever since I eliminated VOC-containing foods, I've found that I've eliminated many of the smells I used to like. I' ve been trying to avoid air refreshers for a few years now, but lately I've been in the mood to make my home smell better. Most of the time, I use my diffusor when I want to smell my home or for a little bit of relaxing.

My diffusor needs though a lot of electric power and a lot of running current, which means that I can't keep it on all the time and can't take it to several rooms in my house. That' s why I chose to develop a home made air freshener that looks good and smalls good. The reason I chose orange was because I loved that scent in the summers.

Besides, because we are coming towards the end of June, I thought it would be good to put a little seasoning on the orange fragrance. Orange peels are inexpensive and often keep some of this sweet-scented orange fragrance. In addition, the lovely orange colour looks fantastic in this mixture.

It has a strong, intense fragrance that gives the flavour of this mixture freshness and spiciness. Sternanis has a very strong smell of liquorice. He has a profound and sugary fragrance and a lovely stellar form. Just like it looks when combined with the dry orange zest.

It is one of my favourite ethereal edible fats, my favourite orange edible ferment fragrance. It has the same smell as its name: my favourite orange! The fragrance is powerful and is the first sensation you get when you smell this air freshener. Mix and match orange peels, aniseed, and clove in half a pinch of bricklayer glass. Insert ethereal fluids directly into the glass.

Let the glass with the cover stand over night. In this way, the dry plant substances can take up the ethereal oil, which prevents them from evaporation too quickly. As soon as the ethereal oil is ingested, change the cover with a soft towel (I used muslin) and fasten it with a tape. Install the air freshener in a well-frequented area (bathroom, lounge, etc.).

Keeps this air freshener fragrant for 1-2 week. If you find that the fragrance is wearing off, just continue to adding ethereal oil (the same amount as the orginal recipe) and let it rest over night. If you open the glass, you have a beautiful air freshener again!

I also used this prescription to refresh drawer and laundry cupboards. Taste our homemade aromatherapy room & canvas spray or our homemade holiday air freshener spray.

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