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Über-Fahrer organize protest and ask the user to unsubscribe from the app. Approximately 1,000 over-drivers in Great Britain are anticipated to go on strikes on Tuesday in protests against their wage and job terms. London, Birmingham and Nottingham riders will participate in their first multi-city attack against the taxi group. "Said the strikes have received strong backing from Labour leaders who have supported appeals for a ban on the App.

About says that his London riders are earning significantly more than the nation's livelihood, and that it is always open to talk about the improvement of their merits. On Tuesday afternoons, over-drivers will hit three UK towns from 13:00 to call for better treatments and an improvement in job conditions.

Birmingham, London and Nottingham riders will participate in the first British multi-city strikes to meet the taxi operator. James Farrar, a former Uber rider who won a lawsuit against the corporation in 2016 over the riders' job security rights, is leading the campaign. Over has about 50,000 riders in the UK.

Riders want an upgrade of tariffs to 2 per mille, where there is currently 1.25 in London; a cut in commissions levied by Uber from 25% to 10%; and less "unfair" deactivation. Deactivation means that an over-driver is excluded from the site either for a permanent or temporary period due to unsatisfactory services or behaviour.

Farrar says there have been more drivers deactivation since Uber got his driving license back for operating in London, also because the firm now has to comply with stringent driving regulations. "He added that our acts are effective and have compelled us to react in many ways. What is unfortunate about the way the economy works, for all the technologies it sells, is that it is based on the labor harvest.

Over must finally face this. "Uber has reasoned that other mini cab operator also employs contract driver and not as employee with services and a minimal salary. They also said that riders value versatility. It appeals to the 2016 judgment in which it states that it must grant workers of its own riders protection.

"We' re always striving to make enhancements to make sure riders have the best possible experiences and can make the most of their apps. Last months academical research found that London riders earn an hourly wage of 11 on pounds after taking all their expenses and services into account.

Looking for ways to help our riders boost their revenue, our doors are always open when someone wants to talk to us about any problems they may have. "That £11 an hour picture quoted by Uber is higher than the London living salary of 10. 20 an hour. Sure.

It is a signal that over-drivers are better organized - and receiving policy backing. Mr Farrar said it had been difficult in the conventional sense to organize large-scale actions because there was no place where over-drivers met. You do not assemble in an administrative building or special pick-up areas to talk to other riders.

However, this is at least the third protests or strikes that have taken place in recent years. In September, Uber Eats riders working for Uber's Low Commodity Distribution company halted transport in eastern London to demonstrate in front of the company's UK head office in Aldgate. In a subsequent demonstration in October, the riders occupied the Ubers Aldgate head office assembly area.

On this occasion, the co-ordinated strikes have received the backing of high-ranking Labour personalities, namely John McDonnell, Republican Prime Minister, and Tom Watson, Vice-Chairman. "McDonnell on Twitter said, "I am supporting this strikes for better labour laws and calling on others to show due regard for the App poles. "Today's 24-hour Über driver strikes is an enormously important struggle for workers' liberties throughout the giant industry.

Uber clients are urged to offer their technical assistance from 13:00 today by not using the app. "But Farrar is skeptical about the benefits of policy interventions. Criticising the Taylor Review, a government-backed tour of the Giga Economies, he said London Mayor Sadiq Khan had not done enough to help the driver.

"Two years ago we won the court against Uber, and we're not far, and things are getting worse," he said.

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