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Last minute plans: There are 97 free, cheap and simple things you can do in Seattle this weekend: 12 to 14 October 2018 - What to do

From the Washington State Book Awards Celebration to a Food Truck Round-Up, this is a festival of light to taste Icelandic happenings. Wikstrom, Olson, Ben Ireland and Grace Dager show works, and Tony Long (alias Leif Totusek) and Willy Boxkar perform life music. Cook and pedagogue Kausar Ahmed, who divides her days between Seattle and Karachi, will discuss the daring flavours ofakistani cooking and signing copy of her recipe book The Karachi Kitchen.

Visit the new White Center donut store to try some of their pasty sweets, as well as try delicious snacks with freshly baked pizzas and hear life tunes. Ostlake will present some crunchy old style rocks and indip funk kits by locals Apples With Moya, Most, Rabbitkeeper and Big Buddy. The band in Seattle's top performers of this season are Groove Punk's Monsterwatch and the "post-cultural aspirationalist" Punkrocker Bad Optics, and they will record a life TV section at Victory Studios, with free beers, life shows and post-set quizzes.

The Seattle prog group Odyssian and the Tacoma stone rock trio Deathbed Confessions join them. The Do206 and Motown on Monday are here to give you an eerie melodic evenings for the upcoming seasons, featuring talented locals DJ100Proof, Blueyedsoul and session musicians who spend long periods of Halloween performing good Halloween shit for their thriller Nightover thriller Cruise.

And if you enjoy rapp and skirt alike, jump to genre-bending set of midwester rappers and beatboxers as well as extra First Hill and Sammy Warmhands local set. Grab your hard northwest cliff from Seattle's Kaw and Port Townsend's In Droves. The Portland Poker rocker Magick Gardens pride themselves on members of Stumptown old style shrimp, among them the Weaklings, the Humpers and Poison Idea.

In addition there are the Seattle Garagepunks Community Yoes and the Canadians Rocker Starts With the Cobra. Mopsey, a resident band, claims that Cheap Trick and Insect Warfare have strong influence on their work. In addition to Suitcase and Portland "Indie Rock trio of Substance" Wuhlux. "This evening they will be accompanied by Olympic favourites Oh, Rose and Seattle, blue funk talents The Black Tones.

The Seattle Art Song Society will open its socially just 2018/2019 Seattle Art Song Society Seattle Art Song Society 2018/2019 with Queer Voices, a concert featuring works by Francis Poulenc, Dame Ethel Smyth, Chris DeBlasio, David Del Tredici, Karol Szymanowski, Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky, Henry Cowell, Alex Temple and Brian Armbrust. The Sextones will be bringing their Reno tastes to Seattle with a soul/funk kit opening kit from My Cartoon Heart, the locally based dancing hop singer-songwriter.

Andri Snær Magnason, the writer from Iceland, reads from his Philip K. Dick award-nominated LoveStar in which the creator and eponym of a computer company discovered how to transfer information over "birdwaves", "freeing humanity from cables and equipment, and making consumption, engineering and scientific knowledge proliferate over all facets of everyday living.

" On behalf of the City Hall, Evelyn McDonnell honors the "104 greatest women performers who have been instrumental in the definition of contemporary music," drawing on the Women Who Rock essays anthology she has released. Award winner Melissa Stein, Pushcart- and APR/Honickman First Book, will probably be reading from her 2018 edition of Terrible Blooms collected by the Copper Canyon Press.

The former mountaineer and present day sculptress Ken Barnes forms elegantly basic structures from gorgeous stones. Recently Levine was the object of a publication by the Museum of Northwest Arts. Explore tracks by Puget Sound locals to beautify your yard and make it look great all year round. The South Lake Union will feature 25 caleidoscopic lighting artworks by global performers and an internationally acclaimed visual arts project, featuring a " global map " with performance and performance.

Dress in your best suit and dive like a hoodlum to life tunes from electronic dancers, the Petey Normal Show, the Seattle/Tacoma Independent Players' Primary Pulse, the locals' Glass Souls and the dirty Sun Mother radio group. Shaolin Hunks, Beverly Crusher (the posterunks, not the Star Trek character), Mable' sMable''sRachael's childrens rocker will be donating the money from their set to the Women's Wellness Center.

Let yourself be danced, raffled off prize draws from your favorite company and enjoy sizzle pie cakes. Buff Muff will perform a show with the help of northwestern resident Thee Deception, Downtown and Frederico Futura. Let everything on the dancing surface with a DJ Onesies kit that' s built to make you move your emotions to the melody of hip hop, soul, Funk,house, Techno, trio, jazz and 90' s sax.

Join the four-year celebrations of the Dave by Dave West community pop and pop event with an energetic night of livesets by Red Lektroid, Crawler, Sumoned by Giants and Death Coach. It' s getting harder with heavy metals, grill and tough blues-influenced rocks from King of Cavalier, stereo creeps, kid leather and scorpiknox.

The Primate Five will be headlining a kit in their city with the help of Ohio indian metallic outfits Arch Villains, Seattle fuz z roll duet Dr. Quinn and Medicine Woman, Seattle sur punk Via Combusta and Alden "The Eagle" Eagle. Strange performer Andrew Hamlin calls Seattle Rocker the Revolution Bullets "atmospheric pondering over the meaninglessness of the self in the cosmos, which is not entirely believable how very small the character - and thus every other character - looks against cosmic indifference.

The Bushwick Buch Club will be singing about it in its interpretation of Dan Santat's After the Fall for this issue of the City Hall's City Hall Series. In Sophie Franco's theatre adaption of Juan Felipe Herrera's memoir/children's film The Upside Down Boys, a little kid whose parents migrate to America feels at home with the help of pop songs and literature.

Don't miss Rae Armantrout; she has won a damn Pulitzer (for her volume of poems Verse 2010.) Her other current work involves Money Shot, Just Saying, Itself, Partly: For his part, Graham Foust was short-listed for the Northern California Books Award and the Believer Poetry Award. He' gonna read from Nightingalelessness, his latest work.

John Carreyrou - the Investigative writer who told the Wall Street Journal the tale of the ascent and downfall of the multi-billion US Dollar start-up Theranos in Silicon Valley (who alleged he was revolutionizing test technology) - goes even deeper in his Bad Blood work: "The history of the Silicon Valley's multi-billion US dollars start-up: Listen to him play it real time. Comparison and contrasting Spanish literature and feature films in this Spanish close-reading class.

In this impromptu poetic exercise, two groups of great writers - Bill Carty, E. J. Koh, Keetje Kuipers, Fernando Perez, Melissa Stein and others - will take turns discussing themes proposed by the public. Dr. Bjarni Palsson will also give a lecture on geothermics, the author will read a newspaper about families and Halla Helgadóttir will discuss "the reality and legend of Israeli creativity".

" You' ll be on the verge of your seats to find out the Washington State Fair Award winner this year, but the joke isn't over after the announcement has been made - signatures, selling and mixing will also take place. Around North Seattle see arts and eat sandwiches. The Seattle Antiquarian Fair offers collectors' literature, graphic works, cards, manuscripts as well as other scarce items for the lovers of literature who appreciate the special excitement of the tear of a powdery backbone and the scent of old pages.

India Cultural Club will hold a full day event of community markets in honour of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Light. Scarecrow video staff member Matt Lynch will keep his pledge to select for you the "strangest, least expensive, most incredible garbage movie ever to be ruthlessly cast into your brain hole" for this threefold feat.

Each year, excerpts from the Icelandic Short Fish Filmfestival - an extension of the Stockholm Fish Filmfestival - come to Seattle for a one-day short extravagance with six short films and performances by moviemakers. Seattle fan favourite grocery lorries will gather in Fremont for your nibbling pleasures. The Tacoma alto rock group Blue Avenue will hit the headlines with supporting kits from the " Rape Rocks " bands Fever Point and Sanya.

The Dallas Heavy Duty Heavy Group Cognizant will be sharing their "Dark Angle Grind" with other abrasive kits from Rotteness in Mexico and Seattle's Pustulous, Impulse Noise and Seizure. Hottman Sisters, the indian rock band, with the help of Soul/Americana singer-songwriter Ruby Force, will introduce many tuneful guitars and singing harmony to this show.

Blue funker Mister Master will reach Capitol Hill for a savage darkness nights with the help of soul riffer Lacy Gibbet and blue punk Wes ?p8 & Apollo Proxy. Mostly loud grizzly rocking guys TV moms will play their guitar all over the place after opening Seattle Indian rocker Vivian, Yoy and Tacoma/Seattle punk Scorn Dog set.

This year' s October Revolutionparty of Red May offers a "mini-holiday of capitalism" with poems by Alex Gallo-Brown, Sign-up songs, last year's festival videos and some other surprise.

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