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There' another plane in PIT waiting to take off. One Jet, the start-up carrier, has announced its first purchase. OneJet, the company's small start-up company's creator, believes that a ten-year period of megamerism among U.S. airliners has created ideal competitive opportunities.

Three years ago, the company began to fly and tracked passengers on behalf of businesses such as FederEx in mid-sized towns that withdrew major corporations from the consolidating trend.

Now, it tries to thrive and takes a page out of the game book of some of the larger carriers by acquiring another airline. On Tuesday, OneJet said it was going to buy Ultimate Jet Charters, a company owned and operated shuttles located in North Canton, Ohio. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, OneJet offers approximately 180 weekly departures.

She will fly seven-seater aircraft and switch to bigger used Embraer E135s with 30 seats, said CEO Matthew Maguire. And Maguire refused to say how much the corporation paid for Ultimate. Collectively, they will service at least 17 towns. Business travellers often make reservations with major carriers that provide the most flight and flexible service because their schedules often shift.

As Maguire says, his company focuses on non-stop services between smaller towns that have dropped their services but still have corporate travellers who may not want to waste quality travel across the hub of major carriers. timetable information shows some of the aerodromes OneJet operates from that have ceased operations in the last ten years.

Seating available on the basis of Cincinnati's June timetables has fallen by 35 per cent compared to June 2008, while in the last 10 years it has fallen by 18 per cent compared to Milwaukee. In May, a one-way fare from Milwaukee to Pittsburgh with OneJet will cost about $200 on the company's website, which means it will take about an hours and 10 min.

OneJet' s operations were not without problems. "Certainly, if you start an air carrier, there will be increasing pain," Maguire said, and added that he expected the bigger, used Embraer planes to be more dependable. But OneJet is not the only person who wants to take well-to-do travellers to smaller airfields. The JetBlue company has made an investment in JetSuite and sells overseas seating through the planned West Coast JetSuiteX charterservice.

Delta Air Lines said on Tuesday that it has expanded its reservation system for its Delta Personal Jets aircraft to allow travellers to make so-called empty bookings when an aircraft is moved to a location where a client has already made a reservation.

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