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Viktor Jet Charter

VICTORIA launches frequent flyer programme for privately owned jets on Privatjet-Charter Early this week, Victor, the leading jet charter reservation system, announces the introduction of a loyalty award scheme that is typically the most linked to business rather than personal traffic. The new Alto programme, considered to be the world's first ever worldwide personal jet charter programme for free travellers, is another innovation from a firm we mentioned a few month ago when it started a climate change programme to make travelling on personal jets a little less guilty.

Victor was established almost seven years ago and provides an on-line comparison, booking and management tool where you can check, track and administer charter flight information with a focus on advance visibility - i.e. charges and other additional charges, which often become known only after a journey has been made, are shown on screen when Victor compares them.

As soon as you sign up for the programme, your Alto balance tracks the flight (s) you are booking through the programme and rewards you with points that can be used to cover the costs of your next flight. A point is made for every buck Victor spends and points are cashed in 10,000 piece series.

In order to immediately include its regular clients in the programme, Victor has spent more than $800,000 to assign points to current members on the basis of their flight over the past 12 monthly periods (including perhaps the Kentucky Derby last month). In the next five years, the firm is planning to spend ten million US dollar on the reward programme.

Member can keep tabs on the number of points they have collected on Victor's website or through the company's Corporate iPhone application. As soon as the points have been collected, clients have three years to expend them before they run out. Fortunately, this limitation should not be a concern as Victor works with more than 100 charter partner airlines to provide worldwide services in a variety of styles and scales that give members easy entry to almost any desired location.

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