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The Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) is a division of The Boeing Company. Boeing: More about Boeing commercial aircraft The Boeing Company's Boeing Corporate Division, Boeing commercial aircraft, aims to be the civil aerospace industry leaders by providing aircraft that offer consumers around the globe outstanding designs, efficiencies and value. More than 10,000 Boeing airliners are in operation, passenger and cargo fly more effectively than rival aircraft on the aircraft markets.

Over 5,700 Boeing aircraft are currently ordered. The Boeing Commercial Planes, based in Seattle, Washington, has more than 60,000 employees around the world. Boeing Commercial Planes, based in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, operates in more than a dozen towns and states. The safety of an aircraft is of paramount importance in the construction process.

As well as complying with legal prerequisites prior to being certified, each aircraft must comply with Boeing's established engineering standard. The Boeing aircraft are subjected to rigorous testing and the airline continuously tracks the performances of aircraft around the world to determine ways to enhance them. Business is labour-intensive and controlled by the state and politics.

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The Boeing Business Airplanes (BCA) ist organisiert als : Boeing Aircraft Partners,[8] a 50/50 50/50 JV with Aircraft Partners Inc. Boeing's 7X7 name system for passenger aircraft (X stands for one number) is used for all aircraft marketed from the Boeing 707 in 1957. Aeronautical circuits sometimes use a more specialised type identifier, where the last two numbers of the serial identifier are substituted by the two-digit alphanumeric Boeing codes, e.g. 747-121 which represents a 747-100 initially ordered by Pan American World Airways (Boeing codes 21) or 737-7H4 which represents a 737-700 initially ordered by Southwest Airlines (Boeing codes H4).

Adherence to this agreement has been made in the design of the latest versions of the 747, 747-8 and 737 MAX and 777XX. Sometimes extra characters are added to the name of the models as a suffix, up to and beyond "ER" to denote an "extended range" release, such as the 777-300ER, or "LR" to denote a "long range" release, such as the 777-200LR.

Furtheruffixes are " "F"" for "freighter" (747-400F), "C" for "cabriolet aircraft" which can be switched between a cabin and a cargo aircraft configurations (727-100C), and "M" for "station wagon" aircraft which are designed to transport both cabin and cargo simultaneously (757-200M, 747-400M). Airliners initially produced as airliners and later transformed into a cargo aircraft by Boeing bear the extension 'BCF', which refers to a cargo aircraft (747-400BCF) transformed by Boeing.

Airline companies typically order aircraft with specific characteristics or optional extras, but Boeing constructs certain types specifically for a particular client. Boeing 707-138B was a short and long haul aircraft that was only available to Qantas. Boeing 757-200M was an exemplary aircraft for Royal Nepal Airways (today Nepal Airlines). The aircraft could be retrofitted between passengers and freighters configurations.

Introduced by Royal Nepal Airlines in 1986, it was shipped two years later. Boeing 747 Large Freighter is a wide-body freighter. 747SP manufacturing was restarted almost four years after the alleged last 747SP was constructed to produce an aircraft for the United Arab Emirates. The two Boeing VC-25s were constructed for the US Air Force as presidential transport for Air Force One.

It was Boeing who advised Suchoi on the Russian regional jet programme, which later became the twin-engine narrow commercial aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. 2707 Boeing - Super-sonic aircraft, cancelled. 7J7 Boeing - highly efficient aircraft for propfans, painted and can be resumed later for Y1. 747-300 Boeing tri-jet - highly efficient tri-jet of the 747-200 Boeing, cancelled.

The Boeing New Large Airplane, double-decker jet, cancelled. RC-1 Boeing freighter, cancelled. The Boeing Super Cruiser - Near-Sonic aircraft, painted. The Boeing 117 - used on B-29, B-2BB and derivates (307, 367, 377), all Aero Spacelines model, Tupolev Tu-4, Tu-70, Tu-75, Tu-80. Boeing. Boeing Company. Headed by President and CEO Ray Conner, Boeing Commercial Airplanes has more than 83,000 employees.

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