Srilankan Airlines Booking Details

Booking details of Srilankan Airlines

Verify your SriLankan Airlines Ticket Confirmation status online by entering your PNR number or booking reference number or e-ticket number. Please visit the landing page for more information. Nice air carrier - Rating by SriLankan Airlines Having received good criticism from my peers, I took a Sri Lankan Airlines plane so my mom could come and see me. When I sponsored her journey, I made all bookings and payment for her flights and visas to Australia. Sri Lankan Airlines staff asked for the information on the booking cards used.

As my Mum said, the tickets were reserved by my daugther and I don't have her details with me (attention, it was too early in the evenings in India, it's almost midnight in Australia), so my mom was tense, how will she get in touch with me, as I had already fallen deeply sleepy by then?

The following points were addressed by the Sri Lankan airways: 1 - We cannot validate your tickets without the details of your tickets. 2 - You stayed relentless with the details of the payment cards. 3 - You said it was stated on the tickets that your payment details were necessary. 4 - As soon as we check this here, you will have no more problems at Colombo International Airports.

Mum said I have a printout, booking number, airline number, can' you check it? That was seriously not a very good airline passenger experience. So my ma phoned me, I awoke and gave her my map data. But now the airline guys need pictures of my plastic cards, not the details I gave on the telephone.

I got a text from her to get her pictures. It was during this period that she was reading her travel planning details and not where it was referred to (not even in a small section on fonts) that she needed them. Then she fought with them, but they only let her do it when they saw the pictures of my map (I kept a 48-hour guard due to unauthorized use of my map - but nothing happened).

Well, the part I don't get is that they were lying through their paces, that it is said on the route if it wasn't so. I purchased the tickets from the Sri Lankan airline's website, not through an agency. Secondly, my mother-in-law had traveled from the same airlines 3 weeks earlier, and she was never asked for my bank account details.

Most of my colleagues' families had traveled month before where he had reserved a ticket for them, they were never asked for it!

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