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s Bandaranaike Airport. SriLankan Airlines (Airline Code UL) is the national airline of Sri Lanka based at Colombo s Bandaranaike Airport. Seat reservation in beforehand - General business policy The reservation of seating in anticipation is free of charge for: They are obliged to reimburse for their privileged places, which are identified as subject to charge. The fees are per seat, per route base. Fees for seat reservations in anticipation cannot be refunded for changes made voluntarily.

Pre-booking is free for unoccupied places if the on-line check-in opens 24 hrs before the planned sailing hour.

If, for business reasons, we are not able to offer you the seat of your choice, we will replace the seat and reimburse you the amount of money spent for the seat in question. If you voluntarily change your initial timetable prior to your scheduled date of travel, your seat reservation will be transferred to the new timetable, depending on your availabilities.

We may have to move you to another seat in the event of accidental changes due to disruptions, changes of planes or other operating, aviation and/or aviation related issues; in such cases you may be entitled to a reimbursement of the seat reconfirmation fee. Reimbursement claims should be made through our on-line reimbursement forms.

Fees for reserving seats in anticipation will not be reimbursed if you are traveling in Business Grade as a result of a volunteer or mandatory Business Upgrades.

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7 o'clock Colombo to Dubai. Srilankan uses the Silk Road for all leaving guests of the Buses. Everything from arriving at the Serendib International Airports to boarding the Serendib Lounges is done away from the major hangars and check-in area. On Friday noon CMB to LHR. Pretty quick check-in at CMB though and 2 desk and up to the Serendib lounges, which has become a bit seedy over the years.

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