Taxi in Airport

Airport taxi

Charley's Taxi Airport Charley flat fares for taxis are reduced to the normal metre price and are a good way to get to and from the airport. Savings can be made and you can rest assured that these reduced, set prices do not vary if there is poor demand. When you arrive in HNL, you can jump the queue at the taxi ranks.

Waikiki and Aulani flatrates to and from the airport are so well liked by our guests that we offer flatrates to everyone in these areas: In this case you can expect a reduced Flatrate to or from the airport. These are the areas and their packages:

10% off and flat rates are for Hawaiians, Militaries, Senior Citizens and those with specific needs. $5. 00 Surcharge for each bike, Golf Bags, Surf Board or item over 80 lbs or over 10 m3. Reduced flat rates are one trip per vehicle and do not contain any additional bus or tram stations or deviation from the itinerary.

The driver is legally obliged to operate the counter for flat-rate journeys and adapts the end counter at the end of the journey to the corresponding flat-rate. The driver calculates the normal price per metre for the journey if additional stop overs or variations in routes are necessary. Charley's Taxi will stop the flatrates due to jams and delay and will use the taxi sets on Halloween, Black Friday and New Year's Eve (from 15.00 on 31.12. to 3.00 on 1.1.).

You can also set flat rates 2hrs before, during and 2hrs after bigger holidays, sports meetings, concerts and bigger roadblocks. $5. 00 Surcharge for each bike, each golf pouch, each board or item over 80 lbs or over 10 m3. The driver charges $5. 00 per person for supplemental departures.

Any passenger who damages or pollutes the taxi is liable for a $350 handling surcharge. Our VIP Full Service Airport package includes Waikiki, Disney's Aulani and Turtle Bay with a wide range of car hire alternatives. A surcharge is charged for this. ADDITIONAL FEE: $5. 00 Surcharge for each bike, gulf pocket, surf board or item over 80 lbs or over 10 cc.

Any passenger who damages or pollutes the taxi is liable for a $350 charge for clean-up. Fares between Honolulu International Airport and your city. Outward and return journeys are also possible.

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