Starting Air Taxi Service

Launch of the Air Taxi Service

Air Charter On-Demand It' s 45 in the air from Bend to Portland or Eugene, 60 to Bandon Dunes or Medford, 90 to Seattle, Boise or Sun Valley. There may be an unscheduled service problem that needs to be fixed, or it may be the bad weather that forbids the flights, but no wonder why, if it's not secure, we won't be flying.

800 per hour* calculated on the HOBBS metre reading. All flights include 2 hrs waiting at your final point for return on the same date. Extra lessons are billed at $100/hr up to a $800 per head per workday. Waiting times over night are $800 plus board and accommodation at prime costs. Bow: Salem, John-Day 30 minutes $400 800 lb. Portland, Eugene 45 minutes $600 800 lb. Medford, North Beach 1. 0 hours $800 700 lb. Walla Walla 1.

Two hours $960 650 pounds. Seattle, Sun Valley 1. Oakland, Palo Alto 2. 5 hours $2,000 400 lb. You and two employees must stay the night in Seattle, arrive from Bend for your first meet at 10am and leave Seattle at 3pm so you can be home around 5pm to train your daughter's ice hockey game.

Tom, more than 30 years a Silicon Valley vet with a master's degree in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley, began his life's work 13 years ago while working as VP of Engineering at his last start-up and bringing up 3 boys with his beautiful wives Molly. Beginning with his first personal pilots certification, Tom added an instruments evaluation, a multi-engine evaluation and finally a professional pilots certification.

Tom changed over the years from a trainer to a powerful singles powered airplane and 6 years ago bought what many drivers call the best ever double powered reciprocating airplane, a Beechcraft G58 Baron. With the help of some of the best Westcoast instructors and twice a year re-training at Fight Safety, Tom kept his flight ability keen while he flew whenever and wherever he could - if work and familiy allowed it.

By 2015, Tom and Molly, now empty nests, retreated and relocated to Bend Oregon, where Tom immediately volunteered as an Angel Flight Command pilot and has been since. Featuring over 100 Angel Flight mission and 45,000 air flown mile under his belts, establishing an Air Taxi Service in Bend seemed like the next logical move in the development of a second aerospace carrier.

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