Book Hotel Transfers

Booking Hotel Transfers

Private transfer brings you directly to your hotel, without detours and stops. If someone books your room, our system contacts the hotel or booking agency to transfer the name to the reservation. Please fill in the following information to book your transfer.

Online hotel reservation sales at Roomer

A place where individuals book hotel rooms from other individuals who have had to travel. The only thing you have to do is to give some detail about your reservations. Everything else will be taken into account, from taking pictures to information about your hotel. If someone book your room, our system will contact the hotel or reservations agent to add the name to the book.

Visitors use Roomer to make their reservations and our guaranteed payments ensure instant payments to you through our secured payments system. So the only thing that's different between Roomer bookings and bookings elsewhere is that Roomer saves you a lot more time! Just fill in your data and set off.

As soon as we have received your order information, our system immediately starts transmitting the order from the seller's name to yours. We will inform you as soon as the bank wire is completed. On the day of check-in, the hotel awaits you with open arms. Thank you. All transactions made on Roomer are reviewed and then authorised by Roomer's secured payments processor.

Payments are then safely stored in the Roomer Vault with PayPal Adaptive Payments, where they are inviolable to Roomers or others. Payments are cleared from the vault and remitted to the seller 10 workingdays after the check-out date. Is the hotel going to ask for the original booking reference number?

However, the hotel will ask you to present your own plastic when checking in to make payment for extra items not covered by the booking (such as room services and use of other quality facilities). Shall I ask at the hotel if the guest numbers have been altered?

As soon as you have booked your room with Roomer, we will take good care of everything, up to and beyond duplicate check with the hotel to ensure that your booking is established and made. Once we have accepted your booking at the hotel, we will confirm your booking with your name.

Once I book, will I get a verification e-mail? It can take up to one hour, but it can take up to one workday. When my reserve is sold, do I have to modify the name of the reserve myself? No, no. Roomer's special reservations department handles all name transfers. If someone book your hotel room, the Reserve Transfers staff will start to transfer the reserve from your name to the buyer's name.

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