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Woody" Johnson (voiced by Tom Kenny) is the Deuteragonist of the show and the main ranger of Brickleberry Park, who acts as chief of the rest of the lead, including the protagonist Steve. Whereody is a fat, fiery, greedy, corrupt head ranger. Brickleberry Wiki, Woody Johnson. First " Welcome to brick liverry " Last " Global warning " All right Waldläufer, it's fucking bloody rut! "Woodrow Waylon "Woody" Johnson (voiced by Tom Kenny) is the show Deutagonist and chief activist of the show and the chief ranker of the Brickleberry Park, who acts as chief of the remainder of the lead, to include the lead Steve.

Whereody is a big, fiery, avaricious, dirty heads ranger. No.

Whereody is known for his Misogynia and his despicable character. Woody was a Porno celebrity long before his martial arts carrier, known as Rex Erection. Woody's fortune was now worthless after a prosperous carrier and drug use. Then Woody was banished to non-sexual parts. Woody entered the armies after a certain depressive state.

Woody is currently a posttraumatic recovery forest runner with a strong army history. In his thirty-year carreer at Bruskleberry, he worked his way up to chief of ranks. He also took Malloy under his wings after the bear's relatives "disappeared". Whereody is shown how he spoils Malloy and does everything he can to meet his egotistical claims at the beginning of Welcome to Brickleberry, the pioneering story.

But after this event, Woody and Malloy usually quarrel, as Malloy is threatening to assassinate, exploit and/or go into bankruptcy in most events. Malloy was also shown in a flash-back 3 years ago in "Woody's Girl" that when he was still a little boy, he very much liked Woody and showed his affection for him through his first words and letters.

Malloy's teststerone has made him get weary of Woody's approach between these 3 years, according to "Saved By The Balls", where he was neutered in anticipation of a dental clean. Finally Malloy takes vengeance on Woody by having the physician substitute his testes for Malloy's when Woody recovers from bullet wound.

Woody is a pushhover when it comes to Malloy and tends to pamper him with chocolates and weapons. Whereody is defending that he needs Malloy as his "therapy animal", because without him his post-traumatic distress condition will come back from his army duty and pursue him and he will go mad.

Woodie also announced with pride that when Malloy once said a filthy phrase, Woody rinsed his lips with a slab of candy. Whereody is also possessed of getting wealthier, such as the exploitation of taxpayers' funds, gaming or reducing Brickleberry's budgets, although he is already well-off. Whereas Steve, Connie and Ethel are compelled to stay in "run-down huts", Woody and Malloy are among the wealthiest 1% and have their own villa.

Where Woody deliberately does not use funds to reimburse his low-paid staff, he can easily afford to pay for luxury goods such as coke, wineries and cuisine. Woody continued to lie for many years that his mother Anita was gone even though she was still living, and Woody confessed that he had told lies about her passing because he did not want anyone to get in touch with her and unite him with his mother.

That went wrong because Anita learnt from the rumours that Woody was spreading that she was deceased and so she was angry and let her come looking for her boy. As Malloy put it, Anita, who abused Woody as a child, is the primary cause why Woody the grown-up is such a terrible individual who doesn't take car of anyone else.

Whereody is a big, fatty, furious old man. Instead of grayish grey, his uniforms are colored grey to differentiate him as a head ranger. And Woody's an adipose man, too. In " Woody's girl " Ethel shows that as Head Ranger you get the pressure of eating doughnuts from all the responsibility. Once Malloy tried to make a joke of Woody, but because he got his eggs taken off, Malloy said Woody was only as much weighty as the ordinary US man.

Whereody is a proud workman in Brickleberry Beach and he likes his work and all about it. Whereody will always release a whiff of extremely anger and bereavement of reason, along with a torrent of needless profanity, if he does what makes everything live hell out of him... And Woody's soft sound can sometimes be mistaken for vulnerability, and behind the daunting moustache hides a man who really cares about his buddies and colleagues.

Whereody often states that he is a person wrongdoer, as in the happening Crippleberry and Race Off! One of the jokes in the show is Woody, who often uses the bogus nickname "Rick Swordfire", but it usually doesn't succeed in deceiving other folks. One of Woody's "proudest" accomplishments is fucking his own girl and later going back in fucking his own parent Anita.

He' s a right-wing Christian, Woody. Woody, out of a sense of religious extremeism, refuses the scholarly agreement on the issue of climate change and thinks that the planet is just over 2000 years old. He is also a reviewer of wildlife and wildlife advocates ("Squabbits"), ecological consciousness ("Trailer Park" and "Global Warning"), Catholicism ("Woody's Girl"), liberal ("Squabbits" again) and President Barack Obama.

He' s a Republican. Besides Obama, Woody hated Al Gore because of Gore's militancy for climate change and put it on his grass with huge letter-shaped lamps. Woody is a weapons defender and joins the NRA in the cartoon album. "and so Kirk Sanders was resolved to find out who the perpetrator (who was Woody) was.

Both Ethel and Malloy knew that it was evident that Woody was the perpetrator, although they had not betrayed him since Woody was their chief, and they relied on him to get incomes (Ethel) or sustenance and lodging (Malloy). It is believed, however, that Woody has led his staff back to minimal wages and medical benefit because he was desperate to agree to take them all back after Malloy damaged their India visas workers' substitutes mentally.

Unlawful narcotics (several counts): He has cannabis in "Saved by the Balls", coke in "The Comeback", does it again in "Old Wounds" by making a coke-snowman named Frosty the Blowman and mentioning that he makes coke at Kinko's in "Campin Ain't Easy". When Steve got the chance to look into the distant past in Global Warning in a state of horror, Woody bound him to an electroshock torturing machine and compelled him to respond to more and more frequently asked question.

Infant abuse (multiple counts): A young Philippine woman was given a headlock in Write Em' Click. All of them die when they succumb to hunger and canibalism, because Woody had forgotten to nourish them. And Woody took his ride into a creek. Steve's mother agreed to have sexual relations with him in order to make Steve Ranger of the Moon in "Amber Alert" every single months, which is considered an acceptance of corruption and prostitution.

{\pos (192,210)}He used $3,200,000 in tax dollars to make a brightleberry spot in Amber Alert. Woody only ran the spot for about 32 seconds, so he was spending about $100,000 per second on it! Putting a nude Ethel video directly into his brightleberry advertisement to find new staff in "Amber Alert" without even considering asking Ethel for it.

Woody-y says he went to prison in the past for having his sensitive and very long cock injured a woman in Campin' Ain't Easy. Woody is a very sensitive man. Founded a business named Woody Johnson Inc. in the final of the serial "Global Warning" to consciously generate more greenhouse gases. Quotations from "Wisdom"[Ethel because of his complaint to Woody to turn, should not only killing the shitheads] Spoken like a few stupid liberals women!

Woody-Johnson, everybody!

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