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gunman Get ready, because the Learjet 60 XR plane will accelerate your heart rate. Your buisness will be done with lightness and at the same moment you will be thrilled with the quickest climbing times in its ultra lightweight category. Featuring the efficiencies and low running cost that make it part of the Learjet corporate jet range, this jet can travel through turbulent air and transport passengers faster to their destination.

The Learjet 60 XR plane - the one that attracts a lot of interest.

What to do when you don't buy a bus seat? Aviation. Bus seat Traveler.

Purchasing a commercial plane can be a wise move, but you can make many errors on your way to becoming the owner. Buy a commercial plane like you'd buy a goddamn automobile. More focused on the purchasing value than on the running expenses. Whilst some early generations corporate planes can currently be bought for well under $1 million, the low initial investment often disproves the tremendous economics of running these planes, warns David Wyndham, chairman of aeronautical information providers Conklin and de Decker.

Buy more or less planes than you need. Whilst your boyfriend will love his Gulfstream GV, this is not the right choice for you if you are thinking of travelling for one or two hours. According to Mesinger, purchasing more aircraft than you need means unnecessary high running expenses. If you buy fewer aircraft than you need, this will also lead to difficulties, e.g. if you do not have enough space for your cargo/passenger shipments and/or have to make time-consuming refuelling stopovers on journeys beyond the aircraft's cruising distance.

Anticipating a plane gaining value. Jet Advisors Jet brokers Kevin O'Leary, chairman, said purchasers should be expected to write off at least 5 per cent of their planes each year. "Under no circumstances should anyone hope to increase the value of their aircraft," he added. Usually VAT is levied according to the country in which the plane was shipped on completion, Knudsen said.

While some states have exceptions, some of the exceptions have restrictions, such as leaving the plane within a certain number of flights. If your plane is under management, make sure that the management firm calculates and recovers the consumption duty. And if you are planning to fly your plane international, especially in Europe, don't neglect to consider VAT.

Establishment of a corporation exclusively responsible for the operation of the aeroplane. Purchase of an airplane with invisible view. The purchase of airplanes is complex.

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