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Holiday packages around the world

Journey around the world Gap Year. Tours around the world and holiday packages You want to see the world, we know that. When you think of all the water you haven't been sailing, the vistas you haven't seen and the genuine Italian gelato you couldn't even give in to, we can see the fire in your eye. You' ve been spending month dreaming about your journeys and imagining all the experience you could have.

Traveling the world is within reach. Only when you free yourself, entrust yourself to your pulse and deliberately open your mind will you become the human being you should be.

Thirty days around the world

May is the last fall of the year, with low and high mean values between 6 and 20°C. Juli is the coolest and dryest months of the year in Johannesburg with a low temperatur maximum of 3°C on med. Mean high temp climbs 5°C to 21°C. Meanwhile this months mean high temp will rise to 25°C while mean low temp will rise to 9°C.

Both the low mean value and the high mean value rise to 11°C (52°F) and 26°C (78°F), respectively. Paris, France: In Paris, France, the day's climate improved drastically in May, when the upcoming winter months are just around the corner. What's more, the sun is shining. This is the period when the town' s mean annual temperatures rise from 12 to 12.

June is a great month to spend in Paris, France, where the climate is mostly hot, arid and bright. Mean temperatures at this season rise from 16°C on 1 June to 18°C. The month of July is one of the best times of the year to go to Paris, France, when the climate is mostly arid, hot and with sun.

Mean annual temp. for this season begins at 18. It is a very beloved months to go to Paris, France, when the sun is shining in summers and moderate weather is the rule. In this season, the mean annual temp begins at about 20°C at the beginning of the months and falls to 18°C in the last few nights.

In Paris, France, the September sun begins to shine as the fall is approaching. Mean temperatures for this particular months start at 5pm. C5 at the end of the year. It is a very chilly period of the year to go to Paris, France, when the wheather can be chilly and damp.

This is the period when the mean annual temp begins at 14 and goes down to 9. C5 by the end of the year. From May to June are nice seasons with lots of sun shine and long sunny months. On the one hand because of the nice wheather, on the other hand because these are holiday monthly for many persons, in Rome and other towns of culture in Italy it is high saison to spend springs.

Mid-July - August are warm, with daytime temperature of 30-40°C and night-time temperature of 720-30°C. Rome Italy has nice autumn days with 15-20°C during the days and 10-18°C at nights. During this period the climate is mostly arid, especially in June, July and August.

Although the drier months are the best travelling seasons, they are also one of the most busy. Springs and days all year round, but with cool winters from May to August, when the temperature is close to zero;During the days the temperature is constant and reaches 20/22°C all year round.

Mai Mean temperatures: June-October mean temperatures: Between May and September, Lima is surrounded by a thick nebula known as La Garua; a thick stratum of low-hanging rainfall, coupled with low weather conditions and dark rain. In this season Lima is heated and damp, while further along the coastline it is still warmer and sunnier and the sea is suitable for bathing.

It is also a good moment to see some of the best events and events in Peru, such as the Peruvian Independence Day. Argentina: The Buenos Aires climate is perfect in autumn (March-May) and early September (September-November). However, the most wonderful period is in October and November, when the yacaranda tree blooms.

Averages high is 22. 5°C, while the mean low is 13. Guides: You are a licenced, skilled professional who provides information specifically about the historical, artistic, architectural and cultural background of the town/village/attraction in which you are leading the itinerary. At the end of the trip, the leader will meet the group at the desired place and leave the group, they will not be travelling with the group.

Guide: The guide can give a general guide to a town or community and give information about the place you are visiting on the coach, but does not need to have any special skills in arts, culture, architecture oder historical background. Attention: Guide services are not included in all tours.

Travel agents are only made available if this is particularly necessary to improve the travel experiences of the respective destinations. The customer is obliged to indicate current pass data at the moment of purchasing or at the latest 45 calendar days before the start of the journey. Lunch and dinner will be provided by the guide (if available) to assist with bookings, proposals and route descriptions to nearby dining areas.

It is your responsibility to take care of all your possessions during the trip. Tipping (tips) are not part of the travel cost for guide (if any) and rider service throughout the trip. Remember: If access to a site is affected by changes in opening times or holiday closings, your route will be changed so you don't miss the adventure.

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