How to get Pco Licence

This is how you get a Pco license

Application for a new private rental or taxi license. Driving licenses for cabbies | Driving license Every individual who wants to ride a Hackney coach or a privately rented car must have a license. Either a personal rental license or a double freight and a personal rental license can be issued. The licenses have a term of three years. Candidates must: bring a doctor with them.

Passing a test course certification is a one-year period.

Candidates must have their own assessments with one of the following accredited providers: Knowledgebase tests are posted by the licensees. Your doctor must be consulted with your family doctor. Bring the health care card with you to your appointments so that your family doctor can fill it out. The validity of a medicinal product is six-month.

Applicants must submit their filled out claim forms and the DVLA mandatory forms, as well as their health and practice test certificates. Driver's license, valid travel document and operating invoice or account statements (less than three month old) are permitted. For more information on which documentation is appropriate for conviction testing, see the request forms and the Disclosure and Blocking Service website.

Please consult the license management if you cannot supply at least three of them. It is the Council's responsibility to make sure that only those who are authorised to work in the United Kingdom obtain a driving licence for an authorised car. Ministry of the Interior has released a Guide to Performing Immigration Controls for Taxis, which also contains detail on what documentation can be approved to verify your immigrant background. If you are on a temporary permit, any license that can be granted lapses when your permit ends.

When changing your name or your mailing adress, you must send a mailing list to the license group. A £7 charge will be levied to modify your email adress. Once you have submitted your application, you can make the final purchase by phoning the license sales staff on 01923 278476.

Any condemnation, penalty or point on your DVLA license must be reported to the Advisory Board using our condemnation notification forms. Please refer to our policies for the issuance, waiver and cancellation of Haulage Contractors, Rental Drivers and Driving Licenses. If your request is rejected, you have the right to lodge an appeals with the judge's tribunal, or against any condition associated with a license.

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