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Cheap flying around the world

Travelling around the world for 8. "The American Airlines carrier said the other evening when I completed my global venture plan that would make Marco Polo flush with color. Just like that, I had decided on almost nine month trips internationally.

I' m going to fly fifteen planes totaling 35,000 mile. I' m going to go totaly out on the travels geek-out - chopping with this pole, so if you have no interest in learning how to travel the world and cheaply visiting awesome places for filth, check back in on Monday. With over 2500 words, this article is also quite long: Get some espresso, make yourself at home, and let me show you how far the hare pit of travelling has got.

UPDATE: My journey is over although I still travel here and there. Here is a summary of my 14 month long adventures travel. - October 15 - November 30 (not yet posted, but I still have enough mileage to make it). Paying money and booking single tickets for this adventurous event would almost save 6,000 dollars (with the best cheap options for each stage on

Best of all, the data of this quest is not carved in rock - as long as I don't alter where I'm going, I can alter the date and hour of any station without punishment. After purchasing the eBook Frequenquent Flyer Master from Reiseguru Chris Guillebeau last autumn (who now also has a more rugged traveller chopping subscription), I became hooked on traveller chopping and earned earning lots of earning airline loyalty mileage for various carriers through a number of profitable online debit cards.

My balance is great, usually the first year charge is waived, I use the Prepaid Gold for ALL, withdraw each Prepaid Gold in full and earn a certain number of mileage to spend enough cash to get the reward. For the last 11 month alone, I've deserved no flies: I' m using these points to make crazy travel around the world... like this one!

In order to make 100,000 British Airways points, for example, I had to pay $2,000 in six month' time - after paying my auto policy for the year in advance and placing all my other payment (gas, meals, cables, gym, etc.) on the map for a few month, I easily got the extra for it.

In order to make this special journey, I had to use a mixture of American air mileage and Starwood Preferred Guest Points. Already used 32,000 AA points on my Peru tour last month, I just remitted 40,000 Starwood Preferred Guest Points to my AA bankroll ( full with a 10,000 point retransfer bonus), which gave me the 140,000 points I needed to reserve my tour.

To learn more about our free travel debit programmes and last minute offers, please go to Frugal Travel Guy and look at the different maps in the right pane. As Rick operates the best free flier website out there, so begin reviewing it every day if you want to make some funny excursions for cheap filth - his website is one of the pages I will be visiting every mornings.

Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Card. 10,000 points on your first buy, 15,000 points if you spent $5,000 in six month. The points are ideal for hotel use, or you can exchange them to many different airline companies with a 20% discount (convert 20,000 points to AA, e.g. get 25,0000 AA points.) This is one of the few tickets I like to buy for the annual charge for each year.

Chase Sapphire Map - 40,000 points if you spent $3,000 in three month. Just look out for something really great (where One Mile At A Time and Frugal Travel Guy are useful). Unless you have a debit balance on your bank account, make sure you fully disburse your tickets and then deal on free tickets after the first year in which you will not adversely affect your scores.

My idea three week ago was to make a simple plane trip to Sydney and then find out the difference. I' ve figured that using points from Los Angeles to Sydney, New Zealand to Thailand and back to Los Angeles would take me about 110,000 points. The OneWorld Awards are awards given to airlines on the basis of how many NOTAL mile you fly rather than how many single trips you take.

It also allows you to fly with most of American Airlines' global affiliates, and you can make a whopping sixty stops. Of course it was a big choice to include a European part of my journey, but it only took me 20,000 extra points, round trips. Well, there were some fancy precepts I had to work out for my itinerary:

All I can have on the journey is an open space that is counted as one of my 16 "stops" but is not included in the kilometer count - my open space is a space between San Francisco and Chicago. Can' t modify which airline I fly and where I stop, but I can modify the date and time of ANY flight for free (as long as it is available).

My entire journey must be completed within 12 month. Need to give the amazing Brochure Fellowship a BIG reputation for having helped me put this journey together and answer my question. This is the right place if you have any interest in FFP s, Journey Hacking and so on.

For those interested in seeing how many mile your ideal flying will be, visit Great Circle Mapper. Here you can find out which OneWorld airline companies fly where so you can create a valid travel route. Attempt to either WAY your travel in advance booking (flights usually open 330 day in advance), or last minute as I did.

When you have to travel on certain dates, make sure to reserve it as early as possible as each aircraft has only so many "award seats" available. When you register for a Qantas FF number (you don't need to earn mileage or fly it), you can check the flight data base to see which flight has free reward slots.

I was able to set up all my planes between these two before I called American Airlines to make reservations. It took me three calls back to find an operative who could help me recalculate a part of the journey that AA's computer had botched. There' s a flight changing. There are new premium seat openings at the last moment, and this type of itinerary can be changed freely as long as you don't switch airlines or destinations.

If you now have your points with other carriers like Delta or United, they are part of their only global alliance that offers ALSO services like these.... check out their web sites, check out their alliance and begin your plans. If I don't get my funds otherwise pledged, I can use the remainder of my funds to EXTREMELY FRIENDLY stay abroad (hostels, couch-surfing, etc.).

Since I travel so cheap, I can use most of my cash to remove some of the more costly things from my Epic Quest listing. I sat at a desktop eight month ago and dreamed of going to Australia one time. "Yesterday evening I took a journey that not only takes me around half the world, but also keeps me on the streets for about nine month.

My feelings are that I will get really homesick because I have never been outside the county for more than three weeks...which was my journey to Peru a whole month ago. It' not that I intend to do anything illegitimate (I don't take narcotics and only started to drink 3 moths after my 21 th birthday), but I REALLY don't want to end up in a prison in Cambodia hanging from my toe.

Understanding that not everyone can just grab and go for nine month, so I know this is the occasion of life. What is your adventure? Hopefully, however, it has shown you what is possible when you become imaginative with your itineraries, put your brain on a mad destination and use the might of the web.

When you have a journey of a life you never thought you could have afforded, you'd be amazed how cheap it can be. It doesn't take you six month, you don't need a location-independent company (although it does help CERTAINly), all you need is a few free moments, a place to go and a little work.

You can see I've totally fell in Love with Trave Haacking - it's like my new favourite game. Finally, I am hoping to make my own e-book devoted to the adventures of travelling Hacking, but in the meantime I would like to be able to respond to any question you may have about your adventures.

For more detailed information on our trip chopping options, please visit Chris Guillebeau's Frequent Flyer Master E-Book or his trip chopping plan. I' m fine with advertising for both, as both the email and subscriptions help me earn all these points and make fantastic journeys.

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