Linear Pair Definition

Definition of linear pairs

Noun[edit]. linear pair (several linear pairs). But before you understand what a linear pair is. A pair of two angles can be called a line pair if they are adjacent angles formed by intersecting lines. A linear pair of angles in geometry is a pair of adjacent angles formed by intersecting additional lines (their sum corresponds to[math] \pi[/math]).

One pair of lines consists of two adjacent angles whose unusual sides form a straight line.

LINEAR PAIR - what does it mean?

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Defining angle pairs

This is the area between two infinite long line segments pointing from a point (or vertex) in a certain orientation (beam), called an angular line. This means that the height of the rotation is determined by an angular measurement. Corner couples are nothing other than the two corners. If there is also a line shared by two corners, it is called a "pair of corners".

Correlations between brackets are indicated by the bracket pairings shown below: If p and q are two neighboring angular dimensions, then the right corner is the total of these two corners. Additional angles: If p and q are two neighbouring angular dimensions, then the total of these two corners is even corners.

Perpendicular angles: When two line segments intersect, the two sets of corners are created so that the opposite corners are the same. Those angels are called "vertical angles". To be more precise, the corners made in the opposite directions are called perpendicular corners. The two neighboring corners that divide a point with opposite beams form a linear pair of corners.

Those angels sum up to a flat angel, which results in an additional angel. Specific angular pairs: The angular relationship between two perpendicular parallels and a transverse line forms a specific angular pair.

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