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You can now find taxis near me. Our renowned minicab company offers a range of private minicabs. weighbridge Contact Bridge Cars of Dartford, Kent, to get a fast cab ride that will cover a variety of job assignments, complete with airside transfer. Our riders are seasoned and have in-depth experience of Dartford and its surroundings. We also have handicapped accessible cars and we provide a full line of taxi/mini cabins from 4-seater to 8-seater for your daily transport.

We operate a cab company throughout the Dartford area, which includes the Dartford area: There are taxis and minicabs available for London and nearby airports: Please call 01322 28888888 for a quotation for other destinations. Courtesy services to all London and Essex and Kent aerodromes. Low-cost minibus transfer to the London and Kent aerodromes..... Low-cost 5-8-seater busses only 10 pounds per example ticket, standard fare up to 4 persons and only 60 pounds for over 4...(wow)!!! less expensive than the competition.

Cabin service for goods and sound reinforcement

It is a traditionally family-owned enterprise with powerful ethical principles that apply throughout our Group. Our large and diverse vehicle park helps us to cover our working load in an effective and efficient way. Our long-range cars work for us, each of which is fully licenced, subject to tax, inspected and insure.

Each of our riders is also fully licenced and CRB-tested.

Mini-Cab Rental, Mini-Cab Company 24h Zentral Card Hire Ltd.

Booking your trip today and reaching your goal in a luxurious, convenient van when you opt for 24h CCBH. As a respected mini -cab operator operating throughout the South East of England, we specialise in the provision of mini -cabs for people. We are here to make sure you get where you need to be, from a four-seater limousine to a 16-seater van.

Since 1987 we are a family-owned company. We use our experiences to offer a fast and courteous customer support. We are a member of the London Hire Car Associations and offer very reasonable rates.

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