Taxi Badge


Method for obtaining a licence to drive a Hackney Carriage or a private loan driver's license in Trafford. Please complete the taxi driver registration form if you can meet all the criteria and would like to apply. cab driver's license Method for acquiring a license to operate a Hackney Carriage or a personal loan driver's license in Trafford. Candidates must be 21 years of age and must have been in possession of a driving license issued in accordance with Part III of the 1972 Road Traffic Act for at least 12 consecutive month. Please fill in the taxi drivers' form if you can fulfil all the requirements and would like to do so.

We will keep your data on the waitlist until we are able to get in touch with you with an opportunity to file your resume. After submitting the web page, do not go back to the licensing authority to check the status. You should complete and sign the claim forms, the health care claim forms and the DBS forms no sooner than 28 workingdays before you submit them to this bureau.

Don't finish your internship before you have completed an introductory course. In the meantime, the equivalent of your driver's license has been removed and the notes are entered by DVLA in electronic form. Before you can validate your driver's license, you must enter your details by registering with the Stock Driver's License Services, where you can create a "verification code" to be attached to your request.

It is free and should be used by both hard copy and photocard drivers. Your request will not be processed until we have received your confirmatory copy of your license. In order to fill in the contact details, you will need to give us your address, postcode and details of the last 5 years you have been living in.

Failure to provide this information will prevent us from accepting your resume. Submitting your proposal will take approximately 30-45 min, provided you provide the right documentation. Your request will be paid upon receipt - we only allow direct debits or credits cards.

The DBS forms will be sent to the DBS for verification. After submitting your resume, you will receive a written communication informing you of the date and hour of the introductory course you must take. Be sure to show an ID card to the introductory course, which must be either a current photo card driver's license or a current one.

When you are admitted, you will receive a health care card. They must also submit a filled out health care card. Where the DBS reports and/or your driver's license reveal a conviction or criminal offence, we will consider whether you need to be directed to the Public Protection Subcommittee as part of your request.

When the DBS certificate and/or driver's license is unique, we are now prepared to provide your driver's license and your tag. Badge and license exhibition lasts about 15 min. and is held for one year or three years according to your preference. Also, if you have a passport with an expiration date of less than 12 month, we need to check the expiration date for your first license and badge.

If your visas are extended, you will have to make an extra payment for a new license and badge. Drivers retain ONE copy of their driving license and submit the SECOND copy of their driving license to the operator/Hackney holder.

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