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The Royal Malaysian Air Force is offering BBJ1 for sale. Malaysian federal authorities have put their Boeing Business Jet up for sale. According to a CH Aviation website article, the plane is being sold at a $8.97 million spare fare. Soon after the aeroplane was delivered, it was handed over to the Royal Malaysia Air Force as M53-01, where it superseded the Fokker F.

28-1000 built in 1975.

It was ordered as part of a modernization program to modernize the Bombardier Global Express fleets to supersede the Falcon 900 x 64 built in 1990. Though the BBJ was used intensively on international voyages, the BBJ became less operational following the supply of ACJ319 Mars 2949/9M-NAA by the German Air Force in 2007.

By March 2015, the Air Force had bought used ACJ320 4199 meters. AMSTAT says there are currently 11 BBJ1s for sale, half of which are offered for sale by Asian cardholders.

BBJ Boeing for sale

B777-300ER widebody plane from Boeing has been purchased. This order, placed by an undisclosed client, is the second large capacity Boeing Commercial Jets (BBJ) the airline received this year following the previous sale of a BBJ 787 Dreamliner. From now on, the airplane will be supplied to the client in its original shape and the interior will be designed by a seperate firm.

There are BBJ variants of all important Boeing models, such as the narrow-walled B737 and the wide-body B777, B787 and B747-8. Since 1996, 217 Boeing Business Jets have been ordered by Boeing clients, of which 195 have been shipped.

The BBJ enjoys the banner year for sale

After a slow year in 2016, Boeing Business Jet business has recovered, recording orders for 14 planes worth $2.7 billion since the 2016 NBAA agreement. There were seven for the BBJ/BBJ Max line, one for a 737 and the remainder for the 787-8, 777-300ER and 747-8s.

Whilst some of the disposals were involving chiefs of state, the disposals were weighed between face-to-face, federal, charter and other applications. Turnover is also regionally evenly distributed between Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. In addition to a stabilising economic environment, Laxton was emboldened by keen interest in the new Max series.

The Boeing Group has 16 Max aircraft on sale and anticipates delivery of the family's first model, the BBJ Max 8, to clients in early 2018. Max 8 is already in operation with half a dozen carriers, Laxton said, stating that its commissioning has gone very well and the aircraft is attracting more interest.

Last year four of the Boeing 737's sold are BBJ' s, but the slot for these planes is nearing its end as the Boeing 737 line is primarily scheduled to switch to a Max line in 2019. Showcased in a cutaway version on stand C11808, the design is intended to show clear, contemporary styling, but also to highlight the extra room and versatility of the Max 7.

"Our clients can use more than one lounge area, a full sized room and a full sized bathroom, and the new styling nicely emphasises these benefits," Laxton said. The BBJ Max 7 6 feet 4 will be longer than the BBJ originally designed and will provide room for a small study or extra room in a small room, main bathroom and/or lounge, using a shorter Max 8 cell.

As well as offering room, the Max Leap 1B offers motors and other enhancements that allow a 7,000 nm area. At last year's NBAA conference, Boeing Business Jets presented the Max 7 and had received its first order from an Asiatic client by the end of the year. Laxton's first is the NBAA 2017.

Mr. Laxton joins Boeing Business Jets after having served as Regional Manager for Northeast Asia, where he was in charge of Air China, Air China Cargo, Shandong Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines' Air craft and related service operations. Came to Boeing on the defence side after working as a combat airman for the U.S. Air Force.

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