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Tal taxi drivers remember after fatal accident in Phoenix SHOENIX - A Phoenix man charged with intensified attack after a fatal automobile accident last weekend had Multiple DUI's and a suspended drivers licence, according to judicial files. When Blaze reported to the cops. Maya Santiago, a taxi rider for Elite Taxi Cabs in Phoenix, was killed when his taxi overturned due to the effects of the accident.

One of the passengers who was with him sustained fractured ribs. Well, I'm afraid so. Judicial files say Maya sustained severe abdominal trauma. Eventually, his wife and daughter chose to take him off service three and a half years after the accident. Maya' s niece, Yesenia Ronces, described the period since the accident as very hard for the whole team.

"When I saw him, I had to hang on to my mother," said Rons. Describing Maya as a hard-working man who had just become a proud grandpa. He said he worked long and long shift hours, sometimes well into the mornings, to help his people. All he did was give back to his family."

And Maya had four girls and a three-week-old grandchild of whom he was very proud. Rons said Maya's spouse actually did pray for the culprit after the accident until they heard about his delinquent past. Ronces said, "She doesn't want this to be happening to another one. Maya' s being retired on Saturday.

A staff member of Elite Taxi Cabs said the firm plans to dispatch a car pool to the burial in honour of Maya and his commitment to his work.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cabins

If you''re looking for a big pick-up that' as practical and efficient as it is convenient and classy, you''ll want to look no further than Chevy's Silverado cabs. Whilst some companies use them as working vehicles in the fleets, they are also a favourite option for individual users who need a high performance, reliable working vehicle for their own transport needs.

Prior to deciding whether Chevrolet Silverado 2019 cabs are a wise choice for your purchasing needs, you must visit your Phoenix dealer to see the choices for yourself. The first thing you will see about Silverado cabs is how solid they are.

This is a workhorse that has a well-designed front end and a breathtaking cabin outline. At the back of the lorry, the end is blank, so you can adapt it to suit your working needs. On the front of the Chevrolet Silverado 2019 cabs, you'll see a daring grill styling with the Chevrolet emblem in the front and centre.

Sturdy front light and bonnet designs contribute to the vehicle's intensive look. Selected equipment variants for 2019 allow you to profit from side mirror with integral turn indicators, footboards and front fog lamps placed directly in the chrome-plated upright.

If you are thinking about purchasing a work cart for your commercial or individual needs, you might think of things like the drivetrain and useful functions. You may not think that the inside of your new lorry could be equipped with high-tech and high-end surfaces. But if you learn more about the Silverado cabs, you'll see that this serious car manufacturer has done everything it could to design the 2019 cabin.

Whether you buy the four-door or two-door version, the interior is roomy. Since this is a work cart, Chevrolet has fitted it with high-tech enhancements that make it more convenient for you to get out of the game. These include a fast charger for mobile phones, OnStar assistant, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and a 4G LTE online hot spot in the road.

During your visit to our Phoenix dealer for a test ride, you can find out about the difference between the various equipment options and the available indoor upgrade options for this working model. As you prepare to purchase a 2019 undercarriage cabin car, the overall look of the motor and other mechanics are vital.

In our Phoenix dealer you will find that this vehicle is equipped with a six-speed auto gearbox and a high-end system of friction and stabilisation. Performance is an understandable issue when purchasing a work vehicle, and you will be happy to know that Chevrolet has provided a number of motor choices for lorry buyers to suit different needs.

Compare the power of this motor with the more sophisticated motor choices available during your test ride. Or you can have schedules that allow your teams to work most of their working day in your new work cart. Security is naturally a top concern, and this Chevy forklift won't let you down in this area.

When comparing your trucks choices, concentrate on the fact that the suspension cabs of the Chevrolet Silverado 2019 have side and front side decks to help keep all occupants safe in the case of a crash. Whether you buy a trolley for your own work or for your own business needs, the trolley can be an important part of how functionality and convenience your transport is.

Remarkable variations exist between the three categories of Chevy suspension cabs, so you will need to investigate these variations more closely during your test ride.

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