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The rates are in one direction, the rates include all fuel surcharges, our service charges and taxes. RTD Tariffs In the course of the expansion of our coach, train and special service, we have recognized the need to check our tariffs and passport programmes. We organise information days to inform about the passport study that has been concluded and the latest tariff overview. Day tickets can be bought on boards of any coach (cash only), with the RTD Mobile Ticketing application and at RTD ticketing terminals, points of sale and competing King Soopers and Safeway shops.

The most comfortable, versatile and simple way to travel by train and coach is to use your own fare with Myrride. At every train and Flatiron Flyer you can buy single passes, upgrade passes and day passes with your local currency, your local bank account or your Flatiron Flyer. Often passengers and travelers can help saving times and costs by buying a monthly pass, an yearly ValuPass, 10-ticket or day pass book in advance in our on-line shop or visit an RTD point of sale or participate in King Soopers or Safeway shops.

One way fare: Drivers have the possibility to pay for their one-way journey in hard currency when boarding their coach. The one-way prices quoted involve a one-way ticket suitable for one way travel within 3 hrs on another coach or rail. Evidence of entitlement is necessary for all those using reduced fare services.

Approximate Rate: Approximate Rate is $4. 70 for domestic travel, $8. 50 for regional travel, and $17. 50 for travel to or from Denver International Airport. Conveniently, Access-a-Ride provides five trip tickets with a 10% rebate, the most affordable 5 trip price available. Purchase online: The RTD Store allows you to place orders on-line with a monthly pass payment method, a 10-ticket book, a day pass book, an Access-a-Ride pass book and a voucher.

Call n riding: Call n riding tariffs are always locally based tariffs within a unique call n riding area. RTD's Day Pass: The RTD's Day Pass allows you to make unrestricted trips by coach and train within one Servicetag (until 2:59 a.m. next morning) at the cost of one return journey.

Regional/Airport Day Pass and Regional/Airport Day Pass are available in busses (cash only, exchange able), RTD points of purchase and King Soopers and Safeway shops, RTD Mobile Ticketing application, and station ticketing terminals. Regional/Airport Day Pass is available for regional, regional and airport fares.

Daily ticket directories with five customised daily tickets are available at RTD points of sale. Evidence of entitlement is necessary for all those using reduced fare services. Usually, the price you paid for the coach corresponds to the standard of services on the line (i.e. local, regional or airport).

However, on regional and airport lines, it is possible to make a journey at a lower "degraded" fare, according to the line and place of embarkation and disembarkation. When you know that your journey is eligible for a lower fare, inform the rider before paying your fare so that you are calculated properly.

Bypassing fares: It is prohibited by statute to use FTE without payment of the fare (C.R.S. 42-4-1416(2) Non-compliance with a current passport or coupon). Non-presentation of a current passport, tickets, transfers or coupons may lead to a penalty of up to $106.50 inclusive of legal fees.

Colorado Transportation Act punishes fare deviations, and non-payment may lead to the cancellation of a person's travel entitlements. Repeated quotations cause RTD service failures for a certain period of inactivity. Just browse and buy a map before you get on a coach or rail for the whole trip, and you're on your way.

RTD's Smartcard is an online fare collection system that can be charged with a present value and is used for easy fare collection. If you tap your chip cards when getting on the coach or before getting on the trains, the system deduct the correct fare for your journey from your chip cards reader.

Buying your fare with your fare with your own car is faster and simpler than ever with your ride with MyrRide. If you use a ticket with your own system, you will get an automatic rebate of $0.25 on the full fare and a rebate of $0.15 on the rebate if you use your ticket with a valid ticket. Programmes exist : The RTD provides various passport programmes, such as EcoPass, FlexPass, CollegePass and Neighborhood EcoPass.

Fare zones: The RTD track system is subdivided into four fare zones: B, C and airport. Train fare is calculated according to the number of fare areas in which you will be travelling during your one-way journey. Travelling in one or two areas is a regional fare, travelling in three areas is a regional fare and any journey beginning or ending in the airport area is an airport fare.

The fare areas are not doubled when the fare for a train journey is determined if you return to the same fare area with your journey out of a fare area and during a one-way journey. The basic airport fare and the regional/airport day pass are only US$9 (full fare) each. When you travel a route on DEN without climbing or starting at DEN, your journey is entitled to a reduced fare.

Instead of the airport fare, you will either use a local or regional fare according to where you get on and how far you are travelling. Make sure you inform the chauffeur when boarding if you are not going to the DEN so that you can bill the reduced fare properly. Information on the fare can be found under the various extra benefits.

One Way Tickets: One way passes can be bought separately at automatic ticketing terminals, or to help reduce your travel costs, you can buy a 10 Ride Card with a 10% rebate. When you board a coach, you must insert your travel pass from a travel pass into the fare card and your coach operator will exchange it for a receipt if requested.

When you use a fare from a timetable to travel by train, you must verify the fare before you board the train by introducing it into the railway inspector at the railway yard, otherwise it will not be deemed a current fare for you. Ticketing serves as your current fare and as a bank wire for three consecutive working days from the date of your order or confirmation.

Shuttle transfers: Due to value and comfort, passengers are discouraged to use the day pass instead of counting on shuttle services for several journeys. Nonetheless, all single ticket fare and single ticket tariffs provide a one-way ticket that allows drivers to make a single journey in 3 hour on another coach or rail.

If you get on a coach and pay a simple price in hard currency or use a pass from a travel log, make sure you ask the chauffeur for a shuttle if you need one. When you have bought a voucher at a ticketing terminal or when you have verified a voucher at the train control, your voucher serves as a voucher.

Local, regional and airport fare rates are available for airport and local fare connections. Upgrading is necessary to use a higher quality of services than the amount spent. Its value and ease of use encourage passengers to use the Regional/Airport Day Pass instead of rely on up-grades to make several journeys at different tariffs.

When purchasing an upgrades, however, customers may use passports, one-way travel cards and single fare transportation for a one-way journey with a higher standard of services. Upgrading to a single regional trip: Travellers with a locally purchased fare, a locally purchased fare, a day pass or a monthly pass can change to a single regional fare (full fare $1.90 / discount upgrades $0.95) when embarking on a coach and purchasing the upgraded fare in advance.

Single fare to or from Denver International Airport: Travellers with a one way fare, one way fare, one day pass or one monthly pass can use money on the coach to buy a full fare $6.40 return to or from the airports ($3.20 discount upgrade) or an Airport-upgraded fare with money, loan or charge at a terminal at the train terminal.

Customers with a region fare or local shuttle can change to a single round trip fare to or from the airports (full $4.50 Upgrade / $2.25 Discount Upgrade) when they board a coach and pay for the upgrades in advance in cash. We do not offer rebates for the purchase of tariffs. Price medias may have an expiry date at the end of the year; if so, they may be counted towards a new travel logbook for a certain duration under the RTD ticketing guidelines.

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