Aircraft Rental Florida

Florida Aircraft Rental

Aircraft rental and holiday flight training in Florida. That' as close as possible to your own plane in the US. airplane rental There are two rental types. Flying Holiday rental car. Exclusively use the aircraft for a full ownership of the aircraft, there is no reservation or joint use and you can keep the aircraft where you want and discover where you want at a low price.

Purchase your petrol somewhere else and be free as a fowl. That' as near as possible to your own plane in the US. Of course, this luxurious service is associated with costs. It' called the excluding usage fee and if you have your own aircraft in the USA, it costs you $100 a days.

So, a whole weeks will cost $700. When renting on a per weeks base, the min. number of lessons is 7 per weeks. Lessons in this pack will be reduced to the following basic rates: We also have a system of renting schools that is consistent with any other landlord.

The aircraft can only be used exclusively if you do 3hrs per night or more and this is done on a dry rental basis. When you buy petrol where you need to buy the petrol and are paying the price of the petrol above our basic price. So, if it's $4 per gal where else and we only bill $3 per gal, you have to give the additional dollars.

It will be invoiced at the end of the rental period. To use the aircraft for a full weekend, you must spend 21 hour sessions even if you do not use the time. The aircraft will not be booked for you and will be based on a conventional ad hoc flying training when the aircraft is available.

There is no need for seperate coverage for this policy, but you are restricted to what aircraft are available. You can see that there are great benefits to opting for the vacation tariff if your plan is to spend a flight vacation. So if you are just looking for a bit on-site damp rent then Two Option is best.

Would you like to take the plane with you for less than 3 hrs a days but keep the waterfall? Absolutely no worries, excluding use costs $100 a days.

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