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Cheap flights with Jet Airways from £123 JetPrivilege is the airline's five-level JetPrivilege program, which offers benefits such as check-in, lounging facilities, enhanced free luggage allowances, preferred boards, JPMile collection and redemption, and travel reservation. What is the best way to register with Jet Airways on-line? The Jet Airways on-line check-in is a fast and simple way for travellers to make their check-in.

You can use your PNR Reservation References to register up to nine people per PNR, your JetPrivilege number or your e-ticket number. Before arrival at the destination, travellers can choose and book their favourite seats and obtain a printed boarding card. It is not possible to perform on-line check-in at all aerodromes, so please verify this on the Jet Airways website.

In the USA and Canada, passengers can arrive 48hrs in advance, but e-boarding passports are not valid until 24hrs before flight time. How much free luggage do I have with Jet Airways? Sport gear is free of extra luggage fees, but the usual extra luggage fees are charged if the gear exceeds the passenger's free luggage allowances.

If an additional seating area next to the occupant is obstructed, it is possible to carry along an instrument on the seating area next to the occupant - it should not weigh more than 75 kg and it should be possible to secure it with a safety belt. Which carry-on bags can I take with me at Jet Airways? The limitations on Jet Airways carry-on are as follows.

Each passenger is entitled to use one piece of hand luggage with a weight not greater than 7 kg and a length not greater than 115 cm. All JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members and Premiere customers may receive an article up to 10 kg in weight and a notebook case. Where'?s Jet Airways flying from? Below are some of Jet Airways' most beloved destinations:

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