Cessna Citation

Quotation from Cessna

Bring your mission forward in the most spacious and modern Citation in the sky. Sign up for our newsletters and keep up to date. Cessna, Citation Ultra continues the very beloved 560 range and is a lightweight turbofanned aircraft. The majority of stateroom layout includes seats for 7 to 8 people and a toilet with seat belt for an extra person if required. Completely reclinable seats, foldable desks and catering facilities are available to guests, making travelling very convenient.

Citation II was taken from the Citation II, but the length of the cab was extended by a further 20 inch to 17 ft, so that up to 8 seats can be accommodated. In September 1993 Cessna announces that the Citation V will be modernised and modernised.

Once again, the Citation X has been equipped with more advanced avionic systems and power plants to create the Citation X Ultra. Citation Ultra was designed from the basic Citation 5 engine layout and bigger Pratt & Whitney turbofans were used. It is this unbelievable push that allows the Ultra to rise from a water surface of 4,100 ft per min at an starting speed and achieve a cruise height of 45,000 ft underwater.

Honeywell's Primus 1000 EFIS, Electronic Flight Instrument System, with three CRT display units, is a highly dependable, user-friendly and intuitively designed addition to the range of products available for aviation electronics. Citation Ultra is ultra simple to use, inexpensive, low service, very secure, dependable, practical, inexpensive and multifunctional, able to run from small take-offs and landings at high altitude and temperature, thanks to its sleek aerofoil construction, which is a compromise for top speeds, at 495mph.

Rectilinear airfoil construction allows the airplane to operate at very low approaches speed, which maximizes security and landability. Citation Ultra carries more than 2,255 quiet ly and 2,255 quiet mile with a 45 minutes spare when confronted with adverse, fast moving conditions. Correspondingly, the route is from Palm Springs, CA, to Chicago, IL, with a very secure and convenient refueling margin for diversion to an alternative destination.

Citation Ultra's convenient product line ranges from Palm Springs and CA to Canada and Mexico with a large amount of reserves. Citation Ultra is the ideal airplane when it comes to costs per hour, power, cruising distance, cruising distance, airspeed, take-off, climbing and landings and comfort. No wonder the Citation Ultra and Citation 560 are one of the most beloved corporate jets ever made.

I had a great ride last night. That'?s not something you could do on a scheduled plane. It made us think that we felt secure and at ease before and during the trip. We' ve got a four-person plane to San Francisco on April 15th - 18th... What a great vacation. Thanks to everyone for a great ride!

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