What is Uber Cab

What's Uber Cab?

There is no taxi service per se. Riders can't pick up passengers from the street calling taxis. Rather, Uber is a car rental service that relies on smartphone technology to send drivers and manage fees.

Uber - How does it work? Help About Riders

About is a technological plattform. With our smart-phone applications, drivers and passengers can be connected. You can use your passenger application to order a trip in towns where Uber is active. If a local driving companion receives your enquiry, your application will display an approximate ETA for the driving companion travelling to your pick-up area. You will be notified by your application when the driving companion is about to land.

It also contains information about the driving companion you will be driving with, first name, car model and licence number. The information will help you both to get connected at your pick-up point. With your application you can always set your favourite destinations before or during the journey. When you have a favourite itinerary, it's useful to go through the itinerary together: when you get to your final destinations and leave the car, your journey ends.

Ticket price is deducted from your bank transfer amount using the billing system you have set up. Uber allows you to settle your ticket price in advance in some city. You must select this item before requesting a trip. Uber's Leadership Improvement System is developed to promote a sense of fellowship of respect and responsibility for all. Find out more about how Uber works by looking at other Help Center issues.

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