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Bbj1 Boeing

Able to fly 12 hours a day and travel across oceans and continents, the Boeing BBJ1 is a truly luxurious work aircraft. Are you looking for Boeing Business Jet BBJ1 Charter? Learn more about Boeing BBJ1 Specs & Video. Boeing BBJ1 technical specification for the aircraft and details of the utilities supporting/operating the type.

Boeing BBJ1 with passenger compartment and passenger look

BBJ1, the long-haul BBJ1, was finished and certificated by the Completions Center in nine month. Since the BBJ1 has to perform regular long-haul flights, a lightweight passenger compartment is crucial. The additional advantage was a very silent cab. Stylish, minimalist contemporary interiors contrast shades of whites and taupes with blacks of timber, with ray cloth inserts underscoring the luxurious look of each individual item.

Lean black-grey fade-out paint with 19 different designer colours combines the range of colours for the inside with the outside across the whole hull and stern.

The Boeing Business Jets are proving their reach capabilities with record-breaking Trans-Pacific flights.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand, September 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Boeing (NYSE: BA) Business Jet established a new global speed over a recognized course when a BBJ nonstop flown from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand to install its executive interior. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the record-breaking voyage was supervised by the National Aeronautic Association. BBJ Vice president Steve Taylor said the voyage demonstrated the BBJ's unbelievable reach.

"we were £21,000 below our maximum takeoff weight. That means the client can set up a full V.I.P. passenger compartment, fill all seating and still take full petrol and a considerable cruising distance - something our rival just can't do non-stop with the same quality executive jet," Taylor said.

Aeroplane had 7,800 lbs of gas left when it touched down in Auckland on Sunday night. Samsung Electronics' BBJ is fitted with seven booster refuelling units, giving it an expanded outreach. They are also characterised by a lower cab height, which distinguishes them from their competitors. It offers a 6,500-foot cab height instead of the 8,000-foot cab height as part of the default, so travelers can be more comfortable.

This aircraft was airlifted to New Zealand to perform the first completions of a new BBJ by Altitude Aerospace Interiors, an Auckland corporation founded in 2008. The BBJ is delivered by Boeing to the client "green" (no interiors or colours) so that it can be adapted to the client's needs and tastes.

Execution centre of the customer's choice will install interior spaces for VIPs, which usually take nine month to one year. With 157 units of the Boeing BBJ, it is the best-selling aircraft in the Boeing family.

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