Jet Airways Offer for International Flights

International flights offered by Jet Airways

This offer applies to Premiere and Economy Class bookings as described on the airline's website -- Discounts on national and international flights are offered by Jet Airways.

Delhi: To win New Delhi passengers, the carriers offer rebates on national and international flights. As part of its "Your Next Vacation Awaits" program, Jet Airways is giving national and international air ticket rebates, said the carrier on its website It offers a 25% rebate on the basic Premiere rate and up to 15% on the basic Economy rate on flights within the country.

The Economy basic rate offers a rebate of RM 1,000 and the Premiere basic rate a rebate of RM 2,500 for international outings. This offer is available until 31 July 2018. Discounts can only be claimed if Visa card issues in India are used to buy a ticket and the appropriate promotional codes are used.

Jet Airways Book Early. Saving More' Angebot, tout compris One-Way-Tarife en Première ab initio 8.620sr. Tariffs apply to one-way Première travel on selected flights within India offered by Jet Airways. Ticket purchases must be made at least 30 business days in advance of flight date. In addition, the carrier offers a 10% discount on flights back within India.

Offer only available on and in the portable application. This 10% rebate only applies to round trips on the basic Première and Economy fare and is available until 30 September 2018. Ticket purchases must be made at least 15 and a half business days in advance of flight date. In addition, AirAsia offers up to 40% discounts on national and international flights.

This offer requires booking of ticket by 5 August for travelling from 31 July to 30 November 2018.

Discounts on domestic and international airline tickets are offered by Jet Airways. itineraries, timetable, rates here

Jet Airways' range of services for home ticketing begins on 11 July 2018. Up to 25 percent off international flights and up to 30 percent off international flights. Buyers can buy until June 30 to take advantage of this offer, the airline said on its formal website

Special offer valid for outward and round trip on flights of the carrier. Jet Airways' range of services for home ticketing begins on 11 July 2018. The international season begins today, 26 June 2018. Airways offers discounts on selected business air fares on national networkJet Airways offers up to 25 percent off the basic air fares on selected business air fares.

Ticket purchases must be made at least 15 and a half business days in advance of your scheduled date of travel. The offer applies to the reservation category to which the advertiser refers. International airline ticketing offered by Jet AirwaysJet Airways offers up to 30 percent off the basic rate on Première and economy flights on its international airline networks.

This offer does not apply to trips to Amsterdam, Colombo and Paris. Manchester's travelling season begins on 5 November 2018. Offer valid for selected classes only, supplemented by Jet Airways. Children/children discounts, date changes, air changes, reimbursement fees, week-end surcharges, black-out periods, restricted flights, and/or restricted trips apply to Jet Airways' offerings under the pricing rules.

Jet Airways also retains the right, at any and all times and without advance notification, to amend, supplement, modify, amend or amend all or any part of these General Business and Delivery Conditions or to substitute all or part of the above offer with another offer, whether or not similar to the above offer, or to terminate it entirely.

Jet Airways is also introducing a 10 percent reduction on flights within Germany as part of its 25-year jubilee offer. Jet Airways is also providing a rebate of $1,000 on its Economy program and $2,500 on its first international flights as part of the Your Next Vacation Awaits program.

In addition, it has developed airline ticketing for selected inland services from case 1.177 as part of the UDAN programme.

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