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It is the postal code of the address at which you receive your service. Deleting services from my charter account Charter Communications is a telecommunication corporation providing CATV, high-speed Ethernet and DTH telephony solutions in select U.S. market segments. In order to delete Charter Communications from your Charter Communications accounts, you must call the Charter Communications Client Support number.

Many of Charter Communications' products are sold in packages with contract work.

You may be required to provide an early repayment penalty to terminate the subscription if your subscription includes a SLA. Contact Charter Communications support at 888-438-2427. Inform the sales employee which benefits you want to cancele. Contact your Account Manager to see if terminating any of these operations will oblige you to make a prepayment penalty.

When you have to pay an early repayment penalty by terminating a contract, you determine whether you want to continue terminating the contract. Review your account approximately 30 business days following the call to Charter Communications support number. Ensure that Charter Communications no longer charges you for cancelled benefits.

FIRST thing to do:

If your address changes after the first registration under the Charter School's Renewal of Residency Policy, all Charter School family members are obligated to notify the Address Exchange Department of the address changes within thirty (30) business days following the student's move to a new home. These include all changes to the address documents to assist with the move (e.g. a new notification sheet for Charter School students and two proof of residence).

If the address changing procedure is not completed within thirty (30) working days following the student's move to new accommodation, this may lead to a delay in the Internet Service Provider's verification of the refund and/or the student's release from the role of Charter School as he/she has not provided the necessary enrolment documents. The first thing you should do is to make sure that if your household is moving, you upgrade the address changes department as soon as possible.

We ask for your understanding that it is best to submit this information directly to the Change of Address department rather than to a host counselor or instructor (although you are welcome at CC, whoever you like) as this ensures the fastest possible reaction and handling times and excludes the chance of misguided or missing information.

Ensure that your e-mail contains the student's name, ID number and new address. In case you cannot e-mail us, you can also contact the address change department by phone at 610-230-2484 Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:30.

Once you have been notified of the address changes that you have relocated, you must file certain documents; at least each address changes always requires the following: A legitimate voucher that serves as evidence of residence that should be dated at or around the date of the move and is in the name of an adult named in our system as a statutory custodian.

In case you are not able to provide evidence of residence on behalf of a specific statutory representative....... Where your host familiy lives with an adult who is not named as a parent in our system and/or you are unable to prove residence on behalf of a particular parent or parent, we will ask that you take an affidavit of multiple occupancy.

Statutory insurance for repeated use must be completed and certified with the relevant undesignated parent or parent. By filling out this application we are able to confirm that you are a parent or sister and that you have the right to stay with us. When a pupil does not live with his/her parent or guardian, we ask that you fill in a sworn declaration of residence.

Fill in and certify this document by the adult(s) where the pupil lives. Filling in this blank allows us to approve the address modification documents and proof of residence on behalf of the adult(s) with whom the pupil is staying, which have been duly completed by the adult(s) with whom the pupil is staying.

When your home address has changes due to a 911 amendment made by your country, all we need to do is complete a new address registration sheet containing the new address for each of your pupils and send you a copy of the notice you receive from your country.

When the work is finished, all the information must be sent to the Change of Address department, where it will be checked. While it is important to realize that the simple submission of your records does not mean that your address will be up-dated, it is recommended that you periodically review your e-mail for an e-mail from Address Change as we may need more information or clarification from you before we can finalize the transaction.

As soon as your address has been formally upgraded in our system, you will get an e-mail from Address Chance with the corresponding information. Finally - and above all - please realise that a address shift is a time-critical exercise as it not only allows us to keep our notes up to date but also plays a vital roll in giving us the necessary resources to train your pupil.

If you keep a mailing address changed for too long, you run the risks not only of not getting your devices, material and important correspondence by post, but also of your students being taken back.

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