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New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on Sun. Jets Patriots rivalry is a rivalry between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots of the National Football League. Below is a list of all the regular season and post-season games played between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

New England Jets against New England Patriots

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1: The Jets have never won the AFC championship. 2: The patriots never won the AFL championship. Jets Patriots rivals are a competition between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots of the National Football League. The following is a listing of the results of all encounters between the New York Jets/Titans and the Patriots of Boston/New England from the first encounter on September 17, 1960 until today:

At the very first get-together of the two New York titans welcomed the Bostonians to the New York Polo grounds. With Butch Songin and 109 hurrying yards through Patriot's runner Claw Boston back to track 24-21 in the 4th/4, then Chuck Shonta ended off the Titans when stock market speculator Rick Sapienza fiddled the lock.

Patriots of Boston at the turn of the century bound the jets, 24-24, in Fenway Park, for the only body in the annals of rivals. Patriots were leading 24-7 after three consecutive seasons, but two Joe Namath touchesdowns and a Jim Turner goalkeeper separated the match. This would also be the last chance that the patriots would not have lost against the jets until October 1971.

Patriots were pushed by the jets from the play-offs at Shea Stadium when three Joe Namath touchtowns (including a 77-yard shot at George Sauer, Jr.) resulted in a 38-28 victory for the jets, although Vito Parilli threw 379-yards. This was a story of two half seasons. At Shea Stadium on October 13, the Patriots excluded the now-1-4 jets, 24-0, when Sam Cunningham hurried in two touches and Bob Gedde] returned a Joe Namath intercept for a 23-yard touchdown; the victory was New England's fifth in 1974 and the first over the jets since October 10, 1971.

The jets, just from a tragic New York Giants triumph, rollled to a 21-16 triumph five week later, on 17 November, at Schaefer Stadium, when Namath scored two points and Jim Plunkett was waved down four notches. Triumph brought the jets to 3-7 when they ended the campaign with a series of six games, while the patriots dropped to 7-7.

The jets that host the patriots at Shea Stadium established an informal track-record for inefficiency as the patriots triggered a 10:0 deficit in the first three months, leading to a 38:24 victory. Joe-Namath cast six catches; Mike Haynes had three catches, Tim Fox had one, and Prentice McCray had two of his own and achieved with them (a 63-yard and a 55-yard score), while Richard Todd cast a seven-fold catch back (to Bob Howard cornerback) in the 4th calendar month; the jets also blew up three cumbles.

Andy Johnson, Darryl Stingley and Pete Brock will be joined by Steve Grogan, and a John Smith football pitch ball will be the rest of the patriots' points. At the Schaefer stadium, Steve Grogan established a Patriots five throw hit in a 56-3 Patriots jet hit at the Schaefer stadium; his hit shot was until Tom Brady beat the dolphins in 2007.

After the match there was a fight in the packed changing room between corner defender Raymond Clayborn and Boston Globe author Will McDonough. At The Meadowlands, New England made their first journey 2-2 to face the 3-1 jets. Jet's corner defender Bobby Jackson poped his right hamstring throughout the mornings stretch and was losing for the year; coaches Joe Walton substituted him by Davlin Mullen, but the patriots behind 354 past 354 yards by Tony Eason coiled to a 28-21 victory; after three unanswered patriot notes in the second half, Mullen was betched by Walton for beginner Russell Carter.

After a 44-21 routine by the Miami dolphins, patriot Ron Meyer dismissed assistance trainer Rod Rust, but he did not have the necessary authorities and was dismissed himself. Chuck Fairbanks and Ron Erhardt's assistants Raymond Berry was recruited, and his first match was against the Jets.

Jets took a 10-0 leading position and then took a 20-6 half but the patriots leading back from Craig James resisted and score 24 points from Tony Franklin, James, Tony Eason, Tony Collins and Stephen STARring for a 30-20 patriot victory. At the first play-off between the two teams, the patriots travelled to Giants, gave way 7-3 in the second half of the season, then broke to 23 points in a 26-14 victory, the team's first play-off victory since defeating the Buffalo Bills in a 1963 eliminator, to determine the AFL East Champion for the 1963 AFL championship.

With the 4-1 jets traveling to Sullivan Stadium to compete against the 3-2 patriots, the following match offered unforgettable benefits from jets Johnny Hector and Steve Grogan, the patriots quarterly back who replaced the often wounded starters Tony Eason. When the jets broke out for a 24-0 half-time win, Hector hurried for 143 yards und three Touchdowns, but Grogan, tossing for 401 yards and three notches, did a fierce patriot come back, but with the jets keeping a weak 31-24 leadership with one minutes rest, Grogan finished a 31-yard stroke to Irving Fryar across the middle field, but when Fryar was struck by jet defence, he fiddled the shot to the jets and secured the save.

On Monday evening in September, the jets dominating the patriots, 43-24, at Giants Stadium behind the results of Johnny Hector, Al Toon and Nuu Faaola, were the jets. Patriots knocked down jets 42-20 behind four Steve Grogan tosses and a Reggie Dupard rushing scoring in the December return leg at Sullivan Stadium.

Patriot's 4th seasons as chief trainer was to see Bill Parcells' deal run out after the Patriots' performance in Super Bowl XXXI. Rumours had it that Parcells would be looking for a trainer's position elsewhere, with more say in staffing choices than he had under patriot proprietor Robert Kraft.

In the 1996 NFL draft, Parcells had wanted to choose a defense attorney with the 7th overall selection of patriots, but force and human resources manager Bobby Grier wanted instead the broad recipient Terry Glenn,[14] who was called in. Patriots and jets were involved in a tough battle for the AFC East Coast championship for the first consecutive year in over ten years.

In 1997, both sides opened on 31 August with matches against AFC West rivals (the Patriots were hosts to the San Diego Chargers, while the Jets competed against the Seattle Seahawks in King's Cathedral). The patriots won their race 41-7, while the jets won 41-3 in their team. TNT's Sunday Night Football programme at Foxboro Stadium on 14 September saw the two sides meet (this match-up was one of only two on TNT alongside the Arizona Cardinals-Dallas cowboys three times).

Neil O'Donnell was fired seven rounds and groped three while Drew Bledsoe tossed two patriotic side lnts, one of which was given back by Mo Lewis for a move down. John Hall's draw of 24 jets in the last sixteen seconds of the regimentation allowed the player to score a simple net gate, but the break was stopped.

Vinatieri's 34-yard victory for the Patriots, 27-24, in extra time was Adam Vinatieri's victory. However, from there both sides fought - the Jets losing three of their next seven matches (against Miami, Buffalo and the Colts) to Barry Sanders in their final of the campaign against the Detroit Lions and giving up 184 hasty shipyards to Barry Sanders in a 13-10 Lion victory; Jets' quarterbacks Ray Lucas and Glenn Foley and FCL Leon Johnson combining three times.

Meanwhile, the Patriots dropped four of their last nine matches (against Green Bay, Minnesota, Tampa and Pittsburgh) after losing to the Jets, but beat the Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins twice in the off-season. Patriots ended 10-6, while jets ended 9-7.

Jets, with Martin, former patriot back Keith Byars and new quarterback Vinny Testaverde, dropped three of their first five matches (against the Fourty-Niners in extra time, Baltimore Ravens and St Louis Rams) before beating 4-1 patriots in week six. It was from there that the jets plunged into their greatest ever campaign and won nine of their last ten matches (their only defeat in that time was a 24-23 defeat to the Indianapolis Colts and newcomer Peyton Manning).

Meanwhile, the patriots collapsed and lost three of their next four matches before beating Miami and Buffalo at the last moment to beat Pittsburgh 23-9. Bledsoe Drew shattered a pinky on his casting arm and after a 32-18 draw against St. Louis Rams Back-up Scott Zolak took over, resulting in a 24-21 last-second victory over the San Francisco 49ers, but in the last match of the campaign the patriots were destroyed by the Jets 31-10.

Jets and patriots opened the 1999 Giants Stadium campaign and the subsequent match became a wild one. Testaverde ripped his hamstrings and was substituted by the former patrioticunter Tom Tupa, who cast touches down to Keyshawn Johnson and Fred Baxter. After 16-10 at half-time, the patriots achieved 17 points in the third but the Baxter scores and a Bryan Cox Touchdown after an Interception brought the Jets into the leading position, 28-27.

On two occasions, two point transformations were required by Parcells and they missed; he then put Rick Mirer, the distress back, into the last three minute of the match, and a Mirer-Pass was deflected by Chris Slade and salvaged by Ty Law, putting the Adam Vinatieri playing net with seven seconds remaining. Jets under new trainer Al Groh blew the patriots in 2000; at the September match-up of the two sides at Giants Stadium, the jets gathered from 19:7 in the 4th trimester to victory, 20:19, then in October they suffocated the patriots at Foxboro Stadium, 34:17, capturing four Drew Bledsoe Interceptions.

Jets reached a 9-4 maximum, but then crashed into Oakland, Detroit and Baltimore. Patriots were never off track on their way into a 5-11 seasons. In September 2001, Drew Bledsoe was seriously wounded by a goal from Mo Lewis at Foxboro Stadium; his blood-filled thoracic cavern (an injury that required a hospital stay) was substituted later in the match by back-up Tom Brady, but it was not enough to defeat a 10-3-Jets victory.

However, from there the patriots jumped forward and both sides gathered at Giants Stadium in November, the jets at 7-4 and the pats at 6-5. Jets went to the 13-3 half-time leader, were then fired by Antowain Smith's TOUCHDOWN and a Brady throw to Marc Edwards to play with an Adam Vinatieri goals and two Vinnie Testaverdeicks.

In the 17-16 finals, a patriot patrol went on until the Super Bowl XXXVI won, while the jets ended a powerful 10-6 only to drop 24-22 to the Oakland Raiders in the Playoffs. 2002 began with a commeback jet triumph at OT in Buffalo, but in the second week the patriots wiped the Meadowlands with the jets, 44-7;

Jet's field kicker Matt Turk (14 yards in a bungled punting attempt) surpassed the whole attacking jets' backing field (nine of Curtis Martin's, LaMont Jordan's and Richie Anderson's together ) and two Testaverde sales (a Tebucky Jones fiddle and an intercept by Victor Green) resulted in Patriot-Touchdowns. Mortifying 30-3 defeat in Miami was followed by 28-3 defeat in Jacksonville; during this match Testaverde missed a passport in four attempts and was dismissed once; he was thus placed on the bench and the student Chad Pennington took over under the centre and ended with 281 Yards and an INT.

But from there the jets were brought to live. Pennington made 22 runs against the Kansas City chiefs for 237 Yards and two Toupdowns when the gameplay was bound or modified eight of the time; the chiefs won 29-25 on a Trent Green Toupdown (19 Yards) to Priest Holmes with 27 seconds remaining.

Jets now began wining in an exceptionally aggressive NFL campaign, defeating the Minnesota Vikings 20-7 by defeating six out of nine matches that entered their week 16 New England showsdown. Patriots meanwhile dropped to 3-4 after an O.T. victory (41-38) against Kansas City followed by four direct defeats (against San Diego, Miami, Green Bay and Denver;) Patriots then gathered on 8-6 with two-time routes from Buffalo, a giant Chicago return, and won against Minnesota and Detroit as they served the jets in December at the new Gillette Stadium.

Featuring both losing sides (the patriots losing to Tennessee on Monday Night Football while the jets were defeated in Chicago), the resurrected jets took the patriots down, 30-17, and all of a sudden with both 8-7 sides, the last weeks of the normal campaign became a vertiginous problem; Patriots had to conquer Miami dolphins and Green Bay Packers had to conquer jets to gain AFC East, their only opportunity for a play-off mooring; jets needed a patriot victory and Packers had to conquer to gain divisions and make play-offs, while Miami had to conquer to make play-offs.

Patriots gathered from below 24-13 in the last five moments to enforce extra hours and beat the dolphins, 27-24; the jets' match against Green Bay began punctually with extra hours in Foxboro coming near; Brett Favre had cast a long incompleteness in a neutrality injury by the jets, just as the FG's victory in the Patriots match took place; when the match was settled, the throng at Giants Stadium blew up in a cheer.

The jets flew over the Packers, 42-17, beat Miami and New England out of the play offs and won the AFC East, only their second league club top since the fusion in 1970. Jets followed, destroying the Indianapolis Colts, 41-0, in the wild card round, but then dropped to the Oakland Raiders, 30-10.

Pennington was wounded in the 2003 pre-season jet match against the Giants and lost half of the year. Back in the second half of 2003, the 2-4 jets only saved a 6-10 all-time high. Meanwhile, the patriots screamed at 14-2 and swept the jets (23-16 in Foxboro, 21-16 in The Meadowlands) on their way to win the Super Bowl XXXVIII.

Pennington remained in good health for the 2004 campaign and the jets started 5-0 (including a 14-point homeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers) before dropping to the top of the patriots' league 13-7 in Foxboro. At 12-2, the duo took the lead when they hit the jets in the Meadowlands for the second leg of the campaign and won 23-7.

Patriots ended 14-2 again and jets ended 10-6 and secured a wild-card play-off mooring; in response to critical comments on this, Herm Edwards trenchantly reviewed NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue's note to inform the clubs about their play-off mooring for reporter. Jets travelled to Qualcomm Stadium to hit the reviving 12-4 San Diego Chargers in the AFC game of wild card matches; jets stuck against LaDanian Tomlinson and kept the Chargers at 17 points; they worked long hours and scored a 17-fold draw with a decisive Doug Brien goals.

In the AFC Divisional Playoffs, the jets travelled to Heinz Field to face the 15-1 Pittsburgh Steelers, undefeated since losing to Baltimore in the second week and led by newcomer Ben Roethlisberger. Jets pressed again on their opponents and although they gave up a 4th Q fixture move, they enforced two Roethlisberger Interceptions, but Doug Brien's goals at the end of the match were not.

When the Steelers got the extra time shot, they went away and finished the match with a Jeff Reed Field Score, leaving the jets with their best shot at a Super Bowl since 1998. However, the Steelers had been unmasked as invulnerable, and a weeks later in the AFC Championship Match they were crushed 41-27 by the patriots, who then won the Super Bowl XXXIX.

Pennington suffered the injuries again and 2005 was another losing year with a 4-12 jet track and another seasonal patriot run, with Adam Vinatieri overtaking patriot Gino Cappelletti in a 16-3 victory at Foxboro to top the team's best pointsheet. Jets reacted to the saison with the release of Herm Edwards.

In spite of the momentum of the jets, the patriots dropped to 10-6 and were knocked over by the hateful Denver Broncos in the playoffs. As the patriots and jets got together again in the first weekend of the 2007 campaign, the patriots won in a breakaway, 38-14. Highlighting the match were the first captures of the new patriots, Randy Moss and Wes Welker, in the initial catch, and a 108-yard down at the opening thrill of Ellis Hobbs' second half, who set an NFL longest starter goal for the longest start comeback.

Gillette Stadium's second leg of the campaign took place on a rainy, windny and rainy night, but the patriots still won 20-10, the fourteenth successive victory, in search of a winning year. It would be a long time before the Super Bowl this year, where the Giants, the rivals of the jets, would beat the patriots of New England 17-14.

Having finished 2007 at 4-12, the jets worked in the off-season, and their freehand takeovers featured Pittsburgh Steelers attacking guards Alan Faneca and Green Bay Packers squareback Brett Favre. Joining the two teams at The Meadowlands on 14 September 2008, the dynamics of the match shifted the previous weekend when Tom Brady was eliminated for the campaign by Kansas City Chiefs with a ripped ACL.

Matt Cassel was compelled to take the lead for Brady, and after guiding the patriots to a 17-10 victory over the chieftains, Cassel made his first NFL-launch. With Cassel 16 out of 23 for 165 cards with no touches or turnover, a Sammy Morris scoring rush and four Stephen Gostkowski gates lead the Patriots to a 19-10 victory when Favre went 18 out of 26 for 181 cards and a touches down, but an expensive catch to Brandon Meriweather pitched and Morris set up his number.

There was a highly competitive re-match on Thursday evening 13 November at the Gillette Stadium. Jets hurried to a 24-6 win with five minutes to go before the end of the second trimester and added a Thomas Jones hit down in the 4th, but Matt Cassel blew into a one-man offensive and threw for 400 yards plus three unpicked hitdowns while hurrying 64 yards.

However, the jets went down the peloton in extra time and escaped a third and fifteen far into their territories before Jay Feely's 34-yard match winner peloton gate and a 34-31 jets finale reached. It was New England's first extra hour lost to the Bills since the 2000 campaign, while the victory was Favre's forth of seven careers encounters against the Patriots (his first victory in his second encounter as Jets quarterback).

However, the Jets' victory did not help them in the season's home straight as the patriots gathered to claim five of their last six matches (including a 48-28 Miami Hammer the following weekend), while the Jets dropped four of their last six matches. On December 28, both sides were confronted with a do or die situation; the patriots travelled to Buffalo, where they needed a victory and a jet victory over Miami to gain the divisions; the jets housed the dolphins who needed a victory and outside help to gain the divisions or get a wild map.

Jets Dolphins was played by the NFL from a 13:00 to 16:15 launch, so the 13:0 shutdown of Buffalo by the patriots means that the jets had to beat and get a Jaguar from Baltimore at the same time as their play to make the playoffs. What the NFL did was to make the Jets Dolphins a great team. Jets gathered to take the 17-14 lead in the third qualifying round, but former Jet Chad Pennington took the Dolphins to ten points and a 24-17 finish.

The Miami won the AFC East, while New England became the first 11-5 non-playoff side since the 85 Broncos, and the Jets reacted by dismissing trainer Eric Mangini. On September 20, 2009 the Jets were spotted by the New Jersey based Tour Operators, the first encounter between the Jets and the return Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady and the first set up between Bill Belichick and former Baltimore Ravens co-ordinator Rex Ryan.

Ryan sent a telephone call the weekend before the match to all jet pass owners urging them to "make it unhappy for (Tom) Brady and society," and continued his off-season comment that he would not "kiss" Bill Belichick's Super Bowl ace. "Said to Jets supporters that "the patriots had a better chief trainer and a better quarterback," but that the match would determine "who has a better squad.

"Meanwhile, the security of the jets said Kerry Rhodes that the jets not only wanted to win, but also "embarrass" the patriots in the match, while Kris Jenkins described them as the Super Bowl versions of the jets; the jets hadn't beat the patriots at home since 2000. In the end, the jets beat the patriots, 16-9, in the hundredth overall encounter of the rivalseries.

Patriots received the jets on November 22 after a breathtaking last-minute defeat in Indianapolis and the jets were beaten, 31-14; Mark Sanchez cast four catches, three of them to Leigh Bodden. Moss Randy captured a four-yard movedown at Jet's corner defender Darrelle Revis, who had talked about competing with Moss; Revis still kept Moss on 34-yards over two games of September match-up capture.

Jets accommodated the patriots on 19 September after a dead 10-9 defeat to Baltimore Ravens the previous weekend. Thom Brady finished a six-yard Wes Welker move down and a 34-yard goal captured by Randy Moss with one of his hands in the end zone; Moss Darrelle Revis was wounded in the match and quit the team.

However, the jets followed only 14-10 in half and after two Brady catches, Mark Sanchez tossed to Jerricho Cotchery and Dustin Keller and the jets lead, 28-14, a victory that was closed when the former Dolphin Jason Taylor Brady had striated in the area of the jets. A fortnight after the match (and a fortnight after the jets hit the Bills, 38-14, while the patriots slaughtered the dolphins, 41-14, the patriots exchanged Moss for the Minnesota Vikings and exchanged a draftsick for the Seattle Seahawks for Deion Branch.

Jets broke out after the victory and won eight of their next nine matches, while the patriots also scored eight victories in their next nine matches. As the two sides gathered at the Gillette Stadium on Monday Night Football on 6 December, their 9-2 record matches gave the match the feel of a play-off, but the jets were never lost sight of as Nick Folk gave a 53-yard bay effort in the first three months after Rex Ryan challenged a bullet stain that was rejected.

The Brady found Branch and Brandon Tate for touchdowns and BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran in a 1-yard mark, keeping the patriots 24-3 halfway up; from there the jets tried in vain to run the shot (five jets backs for 152 hurried yards in combination ), while Sanchez was caught three time. The Brady strokedowns to Welker and Aaron Hernandez and a second Green Ellis scored 45-3 to complete a routine of jets, the largest for the patriots against the jets since the 44-7 victory in 2002 (During the patriot dynasty, several clubs have sustained major casualties, among them the Tennessee Titans 59-0 in 2009).

The former Jet Danny Woodhead, who was sliced by the jets despite the celebrity coverage in the TV show Hard Knocks documenting the 2010 pre-season of the jets, captured four rounds for 104 yards against his former outfit. Jets then went on to lose to dolphins (a match disrupted by Sal Alosi's condition, which stumbled over Dolphin corner defender Nolan Carroll on a home run and the jets were punished by the league) and bearings, as they won against the Steelers on a drama going goalalline stall and the Bills regained routine.

Victory brought the jets into a divisional round play-off in Foxboro against the 14-2 natriots who would lead the field since an nasty 34-14 defeat in Cleveland. It' the third play off between the two match ups, but the first in a different match than the wildcard round. Antonio Cromartie described the Jets Tom Brady as "an asshole" before their play-off matchup and claimed that he was pointing to the side line of the jets after scoring a Touchdown passing in the Patriots' 45-3 victory.

Jets won the 28-21 Division Round match on 16 January 2011. The Deion Branch of Patriots named the jets "classless" after the match. He began his carrier in New York, playing for the 2014 New England seasons and returning to New York for 2015.

The Todd Bowles took Rex Ryan's place in New York for the 2015 New York campaign, and with experienced Ryan Fitzpatrick on hand for the Quarterback, the jets won four of their first five matches when they first encountered the undefeated patriots in Foxboro on 23 October. In the first three Quartals, the match leadership was five draws or changes as the Jets had a 20-16 advantage, but in the forth, Tom Brady was leading two moves that ended with a touchdown to Danny Amendola and robber Gronkowski.

Jets scored a 18 second advantage and took the thrill off the pitch, but a missed starting punishment ended the match, a 30-23 victory for the national team. At MetLife Stadium on 27 December, the 9-5 jets needed the victory to stay in the play-off race, while the male players were in place for the AFC's best play-off seeds at 12-2.

Jets had a 17-6 leadership in the third and a 20-13 leadership in the forth before Brady found James White for the tethered movedown shortly after the two-minute alert. Playing in extra time, Bill Belichick referred to the jets; the jets reacted when Fitzpatrick did two runs (to Quincy Enunwa and Brandon Marshall) for 68 yards, and then Eric Decker captured the match winners (26-20 jets final) from six meters away.

Lost help the patriots lose the top semen in the AFC. Jets came to a standstill in 2016 when they met the patriots for the first time on 27 November at MetLife Stadium between 3am and 7am and the patriots between 8am and 2am. Jets claw to a 17-13 advantage at the beginning of the forth trimester in a 22-yardouchdown capture by Quincy Enunwa; Enunwa was eliminated when he dropped to the right hand side edge table, but the repeat showed his butt came into contact with the ownership of the shot before he struck the table.

However, the patriots got the back of the net 5-4 after a Gostkowski goals; Brady scored nine even shots and ended an eight-yard long drop to Malcolm Mitchell; a two-point convert shot was found to be good at first, but was knocked over in a repeat game, so that the 22-17 result was early with 1-56.

The second defeat saw Ryan Fitzpatrick put in stripes and the patriots took the shot back; they had to hurry for a first LeGarrett Blount defeat to devour the watch and thus gain the match. Their 22-17 victory made the Patriots the first American Football League side to make 500 careers gains (against the French side where they scored their very first win), while Tom Brady bound Peyton Manning at 200 for most gains in NFL football' heyday.

He was a Jets under Parcells member and acted as a line defender for the Patriots under Belichick, serving in that role for the Jets in 2015. After becoming Jets Chief Instructor in 2006, Mangini recruited former Jets and Patriotists Bryan Cox and Rick Lyle for his squad, as well as former Patriot Sam Gash, and kept former Patriot Assistance for Starch and Condition Markus Paul.

55 ] Former patriot receiver coaches Brian Daboll tired digit time period with the patriots before deed in 2007[56] to become the jet's back coaches, and turning position to the patriots in 2013 to become the end teacher in 2014. As Daboll went with Mangini for the Cleveland Browns, former Patriots Quarterback Matt Cavanaugh was called Jets quarters back trainer; ironically, Cavanaugh was 0-2 against the Jets in his matchdays with the Patriots.

In the 2010 campaign Corwin Brown worked in the team of patriots. Hickey was a deputy human resources manager for the patriots under Chuck Fairbanks before he joined the jets and executed their designs in the 1980s; Hickey was over the years critical of a series of staffing decisions no more contentious than his 1983 refusal to design Dan Marino.

In the 1980s, Dick Steinberg was General Managers of the Patriots, but was dismissed after the 1989 campaign with Raymond Berry. The Steinberg was recruited as Jets GM for 1990, but he was held responsible for bad drafts pick's, especially for non-productive runs back Blair Thomas and quarterback Browning Nagle, and for missed out on Brett Favre's design after trying to get a drafts day with the Phoenix Cardinals just to get the Cardinals out at the last second.

Chuck Fairbanks' patriot Ron Erhardt worked with the Jets in the seventies and was appointed Chief Trainer in 1979-81; his patriot troops went 3-3 against the jets, among them a 56-3 jet assassination in September 1979. Appointed in 1996 as Jets' attacking campaign co-ordinator before withdrawing from soccer after the 1997 campaign, he was a remarkable destination for Keyshawn Johnson's anger in the 1997 Just Give Me The Damn Ball of the Young.

The Derrick Gaffney was a Jets Wides Reciever 1978-87; his son Jabar Gaffney was a Patriots WR from 2006-8. Joe Klecko also belonged to the Jets New York Sack Exchange's infamous defense line, while his son Dan Klecko was a backup in the Patriots' defense line and also fullbacked on penalty line boosts in the Super Bowlynasty.

They needed or wanted help from each other in occasional pivotal matches; in 2001 the patriots needed a jet triumph over the raiders in the final of the campaign to imprison the AFC East, while the jets needed the triumph to ensure a play-off mooring; in 2002 the jets needed a patriot triumph over Miami to make the play-offs; in 2009 it was the jets that ended the search for Indianapolis for a perfectly good campaign, two years after New England went 16-0.

Neither team share harsh play-off times with umpire Ben Dreith; Neith hosted New England's contentious 1976 play-off defeat to the Oakland Raiders and was also the umpire in the 1986 jet play-off defeat to the Cleveland Browns; he was criticised by jet-mates who defended team-mate Mark Gastineau after his contentious strike on Brown's fourthback Bernie Kosar.

New York Yankees-Red Sox is exactly the way New York Boston is... Whether on the pitch, the square, the diamonds or the icy road, it's between Beantown and the Big Apple. Due to the player strikes that reduced the length of the campaign, the Jets and Patriots performed only once in 1982.

In 1982 the Schäfer Stadium was re-named Sullivan Stadium. In 1990 the Sullivan Stadium was changed into Foxboro Stadium. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents "The Jets have launched a streaming campaign." The New York Daily News. "The Mangini is defending jets that record during the Gillette playoffs." "The Spygate Just Won't Die-- Bill Belichick a dit que Jets n'avait pas l'autorisation de filmer".

Jet's trainer is calling for help from supporters. "How about Maroney, get your ass in the air with a jet?" This is a brief story of Law 9, Section 1, Item 3, the Law that Costed the Patriots a Victory. New England Patriots Encyclopaedia by Pro Football Reference. Jets rent former celebrity line backer Cox New York Jets Announce 2007 Season Changes to Staff Training Archive 2008-06-14 at the Wayback Machine.

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