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Somewhat uncommon way to call a taxi in Russia is to just put your hands on the road like you would when calling a taxi, but without looking for the famous illuminated taxi-light. It'?s a little like hitch-hiking, except you gotta hire a chauffeur. Stop a vehicle and let the rider taxi down the windows (or open the doors if you think you're brave).

It is a general practice that it should not be more than 500 roubles to go from one side of the town to the other. Taking into account the price for those who do not very good Russian speaking, it should never be more than 1000 roubles. Drivers can approve, in which case you step in.

One side could say that this is not a very secure way to go. However, this is the way Russians take "taxis", and it is much less expensive than using taxi services. Remember, you always have to give those riders money in advance.

When you ask yourself who the riders are, it's different. A few individuals consider this kind of "taxi driving" to be a full-time occupation, but without the hassle of working for an officially owned taxi business. Others come to collect when they have free times just to earn some additional money.

Some just come to get them on Monday or Thursday... and so on. If you are the one who prefers to be on the safe side, you can also take a taxi the old-fashioned way in Russia.... kind of. The majority of taxi riders are hanging around the yards and don't spend their free hours in town.

In order to order an "official" taxi, you must call the dispatchers and have them collect you. It' s to stop the driver from "repairing" the meter or otherwise trying to fool you - as you can see, this is a much "safer" one. For example, a 30-minute drive from St. Petersburg to the nearest taxi station usually takes at least 1000 roubles with a "real" taxi, but no more than 700 roubles in an "alternative" taxi.

We recommend learning some Russian before trying to call a taxi using the first of the methods described here. Evaluate the condition of the drivers and the vehicle before getting in and always listening to your stomachs - if something doesn't feel right, it probably does.

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