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the best rates? Our on-line search engine, which scans the best rates in the industry, has the best prices in all 10 of our flight queries. Cheapflights and kayaks followed close behind, both finding the bottom eight out of ten prices. Do you want to find the best rate every trip you make?

Research covered a series of flight simulations for 10 favorite vacation locations, from last-minute to booking up to six month in advance. In many cases, as the ranking lists show, the aggregate had the same low fares, but there were also some cost-cutting. Most of the differences we found were on US planes.

At one time this discrepancy was more than £300 for a last-minute flight to Miami. Whereas Momondo found a one-way rate for 464 pounds, the most affordable option with Google Flights was more than 770 pounds. Thirty five percent of those surveyed stated that they had made a booking through this agency because it appeared with an attractive rate.

However, with 16% of those who reported issues, it was a choice that some had to repent of. This was the poorest flight reservation page in our poll and only scored two star ratings for support. An earlier Which? research found that some on-line tour operators - Gotogate included - attracted tourists with "too good to be true" agreements before they drove up fares.

In our poll, Gotogate was ranked by our customers as the poorest flight reservation site. See the best and lowest flight bookings page ratings to see which agent you should use. Evidence indicates that although it wasn't the least expensive, people felt they were getting a more fair offer at first - without any unpleasant surprise later.

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In simple terms, if you make a reservation on an airline's own website, you have an option with that one. On the simplest layer you can see which airlines offer the lowest prices ticket. When you want to know which carrier has the best fare for the particular trip you want to travel, they are quite useful.

Many - such as Skyscanners - allow you to skip the target so that you can select an end point on the basis of low pricing. Others, such as Google Flights, allow you to select more than one airport of origin so you can find out if it's more convenient to fly from Manchester, Leeds-Bradford or East Midlands, for example.

Those who offer the best one-stop flight between Edinburgh and Kuala Lumpur may differ from those who find the best bargain hops from Stansted to Málaga. As soon as you begin to play with the filter on the site, you begin to realize that much of the value is getting the right flight, not the least expensive.

On the ITA matrix, you can therefore exclude certain airline companies and ports of call. With Skyscanner you can exclude all descents before a certain hour in the mornings. At Momondo you can decide whether you want to avoid "red-eye flights" over night or just provide WLAN onboard. Dependably inexpensive, if not always the least expensive.

When booking, you will sometimes be redirected to tour operators where the fare is no longer available, rather than directly to the carrier. A lot of filter and cadgets. You' re going to have to enter accurate data instead of a part. That makes the check over different data rather slower. Raises the rates in a network while you select the data to find easy the most favorable.

Less instantly recognizable bell, whistle and filter than in other places - although there are some concealed goods.

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