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Discount flights worldwide | STA Travel There has never been a better moment to make a booking for your next experience, we have a range of great offers to immerse yourself in - take a look at our great offers below. Travel with Malaysia Airlines and spend 2 nights in Malaysia: Special price applies to new reservations made between 01 August and 31 August 2018, depending on avaiability. It is a restricted offering for the first 30 clients. Special offers are not available for Lay-by. Special offers available for a 2 night or longer period in Kuala Lumpur on select real estate sites.

Quotation cannot be cashed in for money or idle dollar that will be used for other ground products. Unavailable to on-line shoppers and must be cashed at the store or by telephone.

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In view of the increasing global flight market demands, more and more new airlines are being added. Emerging airlines in the Near East have practically altered the ground rules and even revealed previously uncharted aspects of aviation. Continuing to be the favorite carrier, Europeans and Americans have extended their range over the years.

On-board lounge and bar areas, roomy staterooms, award-winning kitchens, breathtaking conversation and atmospheric lights â?" thereâ??s plenty to choose from for you as your passenger on board your aircraft. The most popular top locations are Las Vegas & Los Angeles (USA), Goa (India), Sydney (Australia), South Africa & Egypt (Africa) and Singapore & Malaysia (the Fareast).

Recently, Kerala & Jaipur (India), Dubai (UAE), Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Thailand have established themselves on the global maps. U.S. airlines such as Delta Air Lines and United Airlines are the large incumbent airlines that service hundreds of million travellers each year. Such as Etihad and Emirates (both Middle Eastern airlines ) have established a new standard in the airline sector.

Member companies of international alliance - Star Alliance, one world, one team - are favoured by frequently flown aircraft. Travelling Trolley offers a wide range of aviation accessories that provide you with a pleasurable travelling experience, excellent in-flight service and extremely pocket-friendly. Working with all large carriers, we provide flights from the UK to all important locations such as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia and the Indian Ocean.

Air tickets for worldwide holidays - only one flight away! Holidays all over the globe are a great way to make the most of the natural beauty and the opportunities offered by humanity. Ranging from the reddish-brown spirit of India to the risquà joys of Bangkok as their home; from the flooding of Sydney' s touristic traps to the Sri Lankan cultural legacy drive; from the blazing Miami beach to the roar of South Africa' South African Lions, the whole globe is full of places worth visiting.

Reserve your ticket, get in and get set to solve the mystery! Travelling Trolley specializes in travel to Dubai, India/Indian Ocean and the Far East such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Working with various airline companies and luxury resort and hotel companies in various different areas in these areas, we offer you great flight prices and great value vacation offers.

Whether it's cheap flights to Dubai or luxurious travel in Malaysia, you can count on us to offer you the cheapest and most exquisite deals!

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