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Our aim is to provide you with outstanding services and a convenient journey at prices we can all work with.

Our aim is to provide you with outstanding services and a convenient journey at prices we can all work with. We have 4 Maxi-Taxis at our disposal, 2 of which are fitted for the transportation of power scooters. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a good deal in a mini bus and let the whole group drive together!

Those trips are loved by those who want a convenient trip with a pleasant locals chauffeur. You can order a cab via the application! It is the easiest way to get a cab! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a good quote or if you have specific needs such as name badge, wheel chair, additional luggage or if you have other needs or queries.

We' ve got cardiac defib in all our cabs. When you see a cab with this icon, you know that the cab is fitted with a cardiac defibrillator and the cab operator is qualified to do so.

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Krakow Taxi - Mega 196-25

The current promotion introduces the lowest prices in Krakow. Coming from Radio Taxi Mega, you pay only 1,80 PLN for every kilometre you drive. We guarantee the lowest price. If you take another taxi in Krakow, we will refund the difference to you! * We invite you to our cheap taxis, which are marked on the back door with the emblem that guarantees the lowest price for the ride. The website uses cookies.

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Shuttle/maxi Brasov to Otopeni International Airports - Brasov Forum

Did you hear somewhere that there is a regular scheduled transfer from Brasov to Bucharest International Airports, or maybe a cab transfer from Brasov to Bucharest, called ? maximitaxi? I' m leaving at 12:30 in the afternoon. Everyone knows when the buses etc. depart and where they depart from and what the expected costs are. The evening before my plane to Bucharest I thought about going back, but if that could be prevented it would be a plus for me.

I am in Romania for 6 consecutive holidays in May 2016. Afraid I would rather spend last evening in Brasov, as I am the first two evenings in Bucharest. From Brasov city centre (near the Aro Palace Hotels, near the old town) there is a mini bus shuttle bus available to take you to Olopei International Park, which takes about threehrs.

I' ve got plenty of spare minutes to figure out what to do. lf l took the pod, it'd be 7:30. I will review the contributions in the forums for their dependability and saving of your valuable work. My intention is to stay at a place called Coronora in Brasov. You honestly think the 7:30 a. m. shuttles would get there on the 12:30 a. m. Tarom plane?

Theoretically, there is no need for the shuttles not to reach the airports in a timely manner (i.e. at 10.30 a.m., two hrs before departure, as recommended) - the journey usually takes only 2 1/2hrs. I' d go sooner first.

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