Fake Square Receipt

Counterfeit square receipt

What tells me if an email is actually sent from Square and not from a phishing attempt? I received some suspicious-looking emails from Square (squareup.com) today.

Detecting and reporting phishing scams | Square Support Center

Do not provide any further information in the e-mail you forwarded. Whats what I mean by phishing? Philishing is an attempted fraud by an individual to gather personally identifiable and/or financially sensitive information by e-mail, telephone or SMS. As a rule, these fraudsters obtain this information by calling orally or by e-mailing or texting the recipient without being asked to do so, instructing them to input personally identifiable information into fake Web sites that claim to be genuine Web sites.

For more information on protection against fraudulent use of the Internet, visit Square's weblog. Please note that Square will never ask you to provide us with delicate information such as your user name, your passwords, your full employment number, your banking information or your payment information via e-mail, telephone or SMS. And if you get a questionable e-mail, don't respond to the e-mail, don't reveal any personally or personally identifiable information, click a link, or open an attachment.

When you believe that you have become a phishing fraud victim, please immediately modify your e-mail and square accounts passphrases and notify the police. It' s customary for phone e-mails to contain hyperlinks that take the recipient to a non-secure page where you are asked to type in your user name and your passphrase (and sometimes extra sensible information such as your Social Security number).

Be sure to make sure you are on a safe website before you enter your credentials.

Wrong receipts, Square Support Center.

At Square Point of Sale, the e-mail or telephone number you provide to obtain your receipt is associated with the credit or debit cards used for this type of transactions. A part of your e-mail or mobile telephone number is automatically inserted in the reception box after your purchase. Once you have chosen to have a receipt by e-mail or SMS, our system will link the e-mail or telephone number you provide to your credit or debit cards safely.

Entering an e-mail account will result in the automatic sending of the following receipt to the given e-mail adress. Entering a telephone number will allow us to pre-populate it for each transaction on the receiving terminal. In this way, the next times you use Square, this procedure is much quicker. Alternatively, you can type in the e-mail or telephone number boxes to have this information processed with a Square vendor for your next purchase.

It is also possible to view your Square transacted trades at any moment using Square's Tracking function. To get an auto-receipt that lists a deal you don't see, click Not Your Receipt? or Don't Recognognize This Charge? at the bottom of the square receipt at the top of the receipt if it's the first one you've got from Square.

Should you not see any of these choices or wish to remove the information associated with your credit or debit cards, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to sort them out.

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