Rome Taxi Stand Map

Rom Taxi Stand Map

While most of Rome's attractions can be easily reached by bus or on foot, taxi rides from the airport or train station to your hotel may be more convenient. Taxi in Rome We' re three older ladies travelling in Rome. We are only a few block away from the Vatican, so it won't be a hassle. Taxi or about a good choice? The taxi in Rome was very useful and simple to use.

There' a lot of taxi ranks - use one of them.

UberBlack, a luxurious limousine bus and coach company, is operated by professionally licenced limousine operators. Saving your energies for what you really want to do in Rome, take a taxi! Distance in Rome is quite small and price is fair. You don't get stuck on the road, so find a taxi stand or a taxi stand accommodation.

Taxi cabs are life savers if you want to get away, get puzzled, get warm, get cold, get cold, get sleepy, get lazy, or just want to see the landscape pass by! Offical Rome cabs (white, with Rome emblem on the side and with metres inside) are definitely the way for you three. Still haven't found out where the next taxi line for Trevi Fountain is because the roads around it are so crowded, but maybe someone else knows?

What kind of overnight stay are you at? I help my mom and dad planning a journey in September and the hotels are amazing! Accommodation at Starhotels Michelangelo due to its close location to the Vatican. Located near the Trevi well, the area is within walking distance, so the nearest taxi ranks are probably in Piazza Barberini or Piazza Venezia.

I am sure that there are also cabs that park in front of the Michelangelo Park. Thank you for the information about the Golfcar Tour in Rome. At all times I make sure that everyone in our group has a calling-card from the hotel where we are living. If the group then separates, the person who wants to take a taxi back to the guesthouse only has to show the taxi rider the map.

Taxidrivers don't know every single Rome resort by heart and that makes it more effective. Are the taxis in Rome (rest of Italy) accepting payment by car? yes. They are accepting it. With the exception of the downtown area, which is 48 euros if you take a taxi inside the downtown area, it is probably less than 10 or 15 euros. yes. You take credits in.

With the exception of the downtown area, which is 48 euros if you take a taxi inside the downtown area, it should be less than 10 or 15 euros. There are 4 of us in our group who will travel next months, and I think we will most likely use the cabs against the coach or the subway for our first journey to Italy.

Didn't see it mention on this threads.... but someone else has experienced the "it Taxi" application? Just wondering...if we got from the taxi stands/queue to our taxi...can you still afford your ticket with the apple?

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