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International airline tickets online

Although some airlines offer discounted tickets throughout the day. So how do you book a flight for someone else? When you are excited about purchasing a plane fare yourself, think of the excitement of presenting a plane fare as a present for a boyfriend or relative. Whether you pay for those you are visiting or spend the holidays of their dream elsewhere, you need some information about them before you make the flight reservation.

If you are booking a fare for someone else, you must provide the same information for that traveller that you would provide when booking a fare for yourself. You may also need to provide an ID number or pass number (for international flights), although most carriers allow your passengers to enter pass data after purchasing the tickets, which depends on which type of tickets you purchase.

Naturally, he can of course supplement his own options later - but if you provide the tickets, you should also cover additional legroom, pre-ordered food, preferred board-level and check-in baggage (unless he cannot fly with more than one carry-on bag that complies with carrier regulations). If you are not purchasing a minors tickets, you will probably also want to enter your flight update acknowledgement so that you will be immediately alerted in the event of cancellation or delay.

When you buy a fare for an unsupervised underage person, the rules of each carrier differ slightly, so it's best to review the small letters before clicking "Buy" or making a promise. While it is much less common today than it used to be, your traveller may occasionally notice that his or her " Upon Your Approval " ticketing is marked, which means that he or she will be asked to indicate the type of plastic used for the booking.

But the simplest way to do this is to reserve your tickets through a tour operator or through a third-party online booking agency, such as Expedia or Orbitz, because until carriers are the ones who accept payments directly from you, they have no need to be concerned about potentially deceptive transaction. When booking directly through the carriers, you can also get in touch with the carrier beforehand to check whether the flight is marked and how best to delete this indicator.

Nearly every carrier allows you to buy tickets for others with your mileage. In other words, you almost never have to spend this annoying charge for the transfer of mileage to others. At the same time, most carriers have stringent regulations not to sell or exchange mileage. So, when you give a milestone pass to a mate, make sure he is ready to persuade the ticketing agents that the pass is really a present and not a deal.

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