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Discount travel insurance | Get a quote & compare When you intend to take a ski/snowboard trip on the piste, include winter sports insurance. The insurance cover applies (up to the insurance limit) to medical emergency costs for injury during the journey as well as to your ski equipment, your ski rental, your ski package and your piste or your avalanche closure....

An important supplementary coverage option: Cancellation or reduction costs are included if the Foreign & Commonwealth office or the World Health Organization advises against a trip to the UK or a particular region. It also gives you complete situational awareness and the added assurance that you have adequate coverage if the airline cancels, delays or diverts your departure should you need to.

There is also coverage (up to the insurance limit) for accommodations if you need to relocate from your present position or have to interrupt your trip due to flooding, earthquakes, eruptions, etc. An important additional insurance for your cruise: Choose our cruising link coverage to help protect lost cruising links.

Insurance cover is provided (up to the insurance limit) for appropriate extra travelling and lodging expenses due to your arrival at the next cruising point if you miss your initial boarding point due to public transport disruption (including scheduled flights), strikes or bad weather. 3. An important supplementary insurance for your flight:

Each of our basic trip insurances includes cancellation coverage that allows you to choose to terminate your trip in person (in accordance with the General Business Conditions), but what if the airline chooses to terminate the trip? With our option cancellation airline coverage, we provide (up to the insured limit) adequate coverage for extra accommodations and travelling expenses resulting from the cancellation or delay by the airline of the ticket you have reserved for more than 24 ours after check-in and no alternate ticket being offered within 24 ours.

Eliminate the excess from your policy:

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