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QuickBooks - How to record gas costs in QuickBooks In other cases, you may need to charge a client for the fuel costs associated with a particular jobs or services order. QuickBooks offers a number of input and expense choices to help you keep abreast of the different fuel charge styles your company may face. Start QuickBooks, click on "Suppliers" in the menubar and choose "Enter invoices".

"Click on the "Seller" drop-down box and then choose the name of the petrol forecourt or firm from which you bought the petrol. When you have not yet added the service station to your supplier listing, click New, enter the supplier detail, and then click New.

" When you have added the new gas facility or supplier, choose the firm from the Supplier dropdown box. Then click on the "Date" button and choose the date for the petrol buy from the pop-up calender. As an alternative, you can also keep the actual date in the box, if you enter the invoice on the same date as the petrol purchased.

Type the amount of the petrol purchased in the "Amount due" box. Type the receipt number or other identifiable fuel track number in the "Ref. From the dropdown lists, choose "Gasoline", "Fuel purchase" or any other appropriate expenses for your purchases. Press "Save" to store the new invoice and record the fuel purchased in your QuickBooks system.

Go to the Supplier toolbar and choose Payroll. "In the Payroll Accounts screen, click "View All Invoices," then scroll down and choose the fuel bill you previously made. When you click on the "Payment method" drop-down box, choose "Check" - even if you did not choose to make a payment by cheque.

Choose the Assign Stop item. If the popup box pops up, type the cheque number if you were paying by cheque, or type "Cash", "ATM" or "Credit Card" if you were paying for the gas in another way. When you click on "Pay Selected Invoices", the fuel purchasing transaction is recorded.

When you click on "Suppliers", choose "Enter invoices". "Choose the name of the service station from the Supplier drop-down menu. To open a dropdown window, click the Element button. Choose "Gasoline", "Fuel purchase" or any other suitable article name in the gas purchasing schedule. Tick the checkbox in the "Billable" columns to forward the gas purchasing costs to the client.

From the " Customer:Job Name " drop-down menu, click to choose the client to bill for the gas to. Type the date and amount of the gas withdrawal in the appropriate boxes, then click OK to capture the effort. Generate a new bill for the client as you would normally do.

Press the "Add Times / Costs" pushbutton and then choose the gas cost in the Return Bill screen. If you want to bill the client for more than the real gas cost amount, type an appropriate value in the Surcharge or Percent box. Choose Print Chosen Times and Charges as One Line Items if you do not want the client to see the surcharge amount on the bill.

Press "OK" to apply the gas costs and information to the bill. When you use an ATM or your bank account to buy gas for your company, type the transaction one by one instead of throwing it into a pot regularly.

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