Discount Cab Hours

Reduced cabin times

The Green Cabs are Prius' largest hybrid taxi fleet in North America. Cab 4600 W Camelback Road, Glendale, AZ 85301 I' ve been driving in the Phoenix area for several taxi cabs over the years and I will say that you Discount Cab are far from perfection, they are ahead of the others. Recently they tried to change their commercial models from Prius cabins to a fully handicapped access truckload.

A lot of driver and clients quit the business because they didn't like the changes. Discount returned the Prius Cabins within a few month after recognizing their fault, but they returned only a fraction of the number of Prius Cabins. So there are not nearly enough Prius driver cars for the number of riders they want to rent.

Thus, every single working day tens of willing riders are turned away because of the bad scheduling and administration of those who run the business. Concerning the riders, most of those I have seen and addressed are of higher qualitiy than their rivals. There are no riders who do not understand English well enough to be easy to understand, and few who I think should seriously consider their choice of clothing and sanitation.

For every call a chauffeur makes, they are billed anywhere from a buck a call (on vouchers) to $2.25 for phone bills paid by the passengers using either money or debit card. In addition, there is the expense of your taxi rental ($107.00 on a Prius, Monday through Friday) and the payment for gasoline and to have your taxi wash and clean, a taxi rider must earn about $150.

Also, since the firm has reduced personnel and operating hours if you need a taxi for Saturday and/or Sunday, you must rent it for both nights at a rental price of $130. Managers should seriously consider raising the number of Prius cars, reducing call charges and extending the hours of "The Cage"!

Every taxi I've been in is clear. Usually comes between 5-20 mins. You may not be perfectly, it's not a business. Last night the taxi drove right in front of my drive. The taxi didn't move, I was waiting for a second. So I got out and said she had to move.

They didn't tell me I was impolite and that she would move when she was done. Discount Cab I asked them to know and to be sure that the taxi would not be parked in front of the entrance illegal - you know, follow the rules. Not sure if all taxi riders and managers are totally uncompetent and impolite, but I will certainly never use Discount Cab.

DON'T EVER USE THAT TAXI COMPANY! Of the 3 occasions this year that I used discount, I was overloaded twice by $200! Initially, the chauffeur said that I would have to call the store managers to get a reimbursement because they could not cancel the sales. The next one, when they charged me too much, the rider was clearly not trained, he obviously didn't know how to ride right or hardly spoke much Englisch, after he overburdened me by 200 dollars, I asked it to be invalidated and we spend a long period of communicating with each other, he didn't call the executive and kept trying to get me to go to his "Bankey".

When I said no and asked the executive, she was really impolite and said I was fortunate to have a friendly chauffeur who was willing to give me cash out of his own pockets to mend it. There was a purse I stole and a rider I could hardly comprehend.

Not the first negative experiences with these boys, but a premiere for the purse that had been taken. That discount cab is worth living in.... deserves its licence to be revolted. I' m never gonna use discount cabs again. Do not use them as their services are chaotic and their dispatcher and some of their riders are totally mad.

So I didn't leave her a tip when I was paying with my plastic cards. I got out of the truck and began to go to my goal (I say on foot because she made me fall 200 meters from the place where I said she should take me).

There was no real currency with me and I thought she would try to cheat me out of my pocket because I didn't tip her. I wouldn't return it if I had a receipt. OLMFG, she summoned the bulls on me and had me put under arrest to make up this giant tale about how I ran away from her, even though the bulls were arresting me at my initial destination!...

From the shop I had bought, I phoned the firm and the vehicle was there ten mins later. The driver was neat as his own vehicle and very kind. The driver put my truck in the truck and said I should have a chair in the AC while he was finishing the work. The driver also assisted me in bringing my things into my flat and even completed the price from the counter.

It'?s not great when it comes to being on schedule. CONNECT the use of discount booths unless you are enjoying it, waste your precious amount of your precious resources. At Discount Cab we have no idea what it means to be a services provider. Two hours before I had to be collected, I phoned to book a taxi to the nearest taxi station.

It was the taxi that came at the desired moment, but it never showed up. Five mins after the taxi was due to come, I phoned the firm. Still they hadn't allocated a chauffeur, but reassured me that someone would be there soon. 20 mins later, no taxi had made it.

Again I phoned and they hadn't sent a rider to STILL yet. It would have been easy for me to make other transport agreements if they had just said to me that they would be too late or not available. Be careful that this corporate rider didn't know how to use a debit cards engine and overloaded me 10 times, he had to cancel the vacuum because he couldn't cancel the deal, he had to delay 3 workingdays before the credit went through.

The rider also failed to make corners and exit lanes, increasing the number of kilometres to raise costs. Simply observe the operator very carefully and supervise the action. Serious calls were made promising that a taxi would wait 20 or 5 calls, one and a half hours and 45 min until my telephone was dead and had to go to a coin-operated telephone for 45 min to call a taxi.

Don't get me amiss now, it's not the driver's fault for leaving my cell in the cab by mistake, which I did.

You ever put the call through to the chauffeur? You just tell me you want to get me off the telephone? You don't mind that I leave a $500 iPhone in the cab with all my details. An enterprise with even ? fairly? An honest firm would make the call if they said they would, especially if I phoned within 5 literal hours of weaning.

Next picked up riders could not have been before the alleged call was made to him. This is also the case with the companies' assertion that the next client could have found my telephone legally only if he had never phoned the chauffeur for me. You call the guy and he decides to look for my cell and keep it, tell me.

And the only good thing about it is the safety coding Apple gives me, if it's wrong, the phones will power down entirely until it's returned to MY computer and recovered. Thus hopefully my telephone will finally get back to me when the fool who has it realises it is of no benefit to them.

Lets me feel sorry for being in charge instead of going drinking, I could have kept my cell in my own auto in my lane. Thank you for the readings. I never drive discount cabin but ... $2. 95 at the marker drip $1. 80 per mille $ . 40 per min in waiting period or on the road.

to have an important conversation. But the taxi was 25 min too early, the taxi stank of tobacco and made my new wetsuit smell like cigarettes. In order to increase the disappointment, the rider didn't know how to get to the university where I just had an interview.

There were three area offices I phoned to arrange a pick-up at the last minute and this was the only one who could receive me at the last minute. Drivers were 5 min early for the arrivals and the taxi was clear and the drivers were kind. I' d suggest you call this firm first.

Cab Discount is one of the poorest taxi services I've ever seen. Last weekend I decided to book a taxi lesson in anticipation, just to make sure I made it to classes in good shape. Tonight I was waiting 2 hours and the taxi didn't show up, and when I reported, they said that the taxi was picking up someone else.

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