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Find real-time online charter offers and empty private jet charter stages with EmptyJets Australia. Latest tweets from Empty Jets (@MTJETS). The EmptyJets Australia website is the place to be.

The EmptyJets is a web-based Australia Express booking system that links you to thousands of empty charters throughout Australia and beyond at a fraction of the normal chartershare. The EmptyJets system allows all licenced aviation authorities a central location to offer the vast majority strongly reduced charters. It gives you easy entry to planes that are repositioned empty from one point to another, allowing you to achieve great business on your next trip.

Departures are often variable and can be customized to give you even more convenience and flexibility than airline schedules. If you buy a plane with EmptyJets, you have the entire plane for your own use, so you can choose the number of places you want for one prize, so why not take a group of mates?

In fact, you might have the unique opportunity to influence your friends with a plane ride in your own personal plane! A properly crafted and engineered website can tell a great deal about a business. Conspicuous design, driven by PHP, provides a great website tool and a user-friendly interface for your website users.

EmptyJets Australia's flawlessly designed website is bespoke, easy on your eyes, and truly portable. EmptyJets Australia's wonderful website has a feature-rich and excellent design that fits every data transfer need well. An EmptyJets Australia website is a truly great example of a website with style, quick loading times and great navigation.


O.P. The site says that you can rent a personal plane and share the costs with a few of your partners for a small part of the outlay. This can be inexpensive because it is an empty personal plane that flies back to another place after having dropped off its "VIP". As it is an empty plane, they can also offer anyone a plane in a privately owned plane for a small part of the price.

I' ve been checking the page and it seems like if you have enough helpers to fill an 8-seater personal plane and share the costs to either go to Melbourne oder Adeelaide, it's cheaper off airfare, has anyone really tried this page? The only downside is that there's a $30 per year season ticket charge:( You fellows are reckoning would be worth it? because I know that some airfare can be cheaper off a trip with Virgingion or canantas.

Because I know that some planes can be less expensive than a Jungfrau or Quantas trip.

You have to fill the ticket so that it is cheap and you have no say in the timetable. Maybe you can find a one-way ticket, but not a one-way ticket back. It is also possible that the "VIP transport" will be cancelled and you will be left behind without a plane ride at any time.

Checking out the site and it seems like you have enough friends to fill an 8-seater plane and share the costs to either go to Melebourne or Adeelaide, it's less expensive than going with airline companies, has anyone actually tried this site? Categoria-dave says.... of course you'll always be paying more... it's my friend's expertise.

O.R. said it was less costly than going on airline trips. It' gonna be more than regular airfare, though. Privatjets are very pricey. Some fool even that emerges with $500, that's a fraction ofthe prize for running the plane. When you have 6 guys to make $500, that would make a good bump in the running costs of your planes, but then you have to find 6 guys who are willing to make more than a planned ticket payment.

O.P. yes, personal jet can be costly, but it seems like sometimes the owners of personal jet can make a really inexpensive proposition. The website also says that you can get in touch with the owner and make a bargain with them that would be less costly, and if they're kind enough, they'll let you go on for under $200. and on the filed planes, the search around you can find planes that were $55 for the whole aircraft not per capita, so I estimate that they allow us to continue for the experiment without being a so-called "vip" that RcAviationzulu write.

so i guess they will allow us to go on it for the experiance without being a so named "vip" i think you are going to find that would be because the plane had to be somewhere else for a full fares journey and it would otherwise go there empty to make the pick-up.

Used for travel between two aerodromes in the same town, such as Perth-Jandakot. O.P. Would it still be good to go from point A to point to point A with a low rate personal aircraft and then go back from point to point on an air carrier? I guess it's all about time, but the thing is, I'm not sure how often they keep listing their flight because I don't have their number.

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