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Spider-Man crawls along the walls in comics and movies. Spiderman LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game Sets. Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider Racer Vehicle with figure.

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Featuring fast access to the launchers, children can release their favourite flying heroes and see them flying like never before! Air is power! See how your favourite flying heroes really are flying! Legendary Super Hero character are on the rise! A short train to the launchers will help children release their favourite heroes!

Marvel Spiderman. See how your favourite flying hero really flies! A short train to the launchers will help children release their favourite heroes! Legendary superhero personalities are on the run. A fast train from the launchers lets children release their favourite heroes and see them flying like never before.

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Homecoming's Easter eggs you might have been missing.

Spider-Man's step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was the first of the characters' stand-alone excursions, with lots of funny nodding to the other heroes. Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark/Iron Man, Peter's show with PSAs and Captain America, Thor, SHIELD and more, and many more, were all part of the show.

There' 10 Easter balls from Spider-Man: Home Coming that you might have missing. At the very beginning, the movie begins with a long story of Spider-Man. Instead of the customary Marvel opening song contained in every movie, the Marvel opening song in "Spider-Man: Homecoming" is actually the subject of the 1967 comedy " Spider-Man ".

Peter's scholastic work is a much larger part of this movie than in the preceding ones, and as such he devotes more attention to his schoolmates. There are many well-known Spidey stories. Ned (played by Jacob Batalon) is Peter's best boyfriend and "the man in the chair".

Peter and Spider-Man actually began their interest in the movie at the same moment as Spider-Man himself in "Amazing Fantasy" #15. It was a romantic interest of Peter and Flash Thompson. Whatever the universes, Flash is always Peter Parker's high school ruffian. She works in the comic books for the Daily Bugle (as well as for the Sam Raimi movies in which she was starred by Elizabeth Banks), but in "Homecoming" she is another of Peter's schoolmates.

For most of "Spider-Man: Homecoming", Michelle (played in the Zendaya movie) stays in the sidelines - more substance to read her books than worrying about what's going on around her. Only in one of the last moments of the movie - when she is named for the position of the new master of the Dekathalon Academy Staff - does she reveal that her boyfriends call her Max.

MJ is Mary Jane Watson's epithet in the comic books - the Spider-Man passion for living. Keaton's Michael Keatonacter Adrian Toome (alias the Vulture) has a fairly respectable surgery when Spider-Man begins to interfere, but there are two members of Toome's crew who distinguish themselves as other rogues for the Wandkriecher.

His malevolent name is Herman Schultz (Bokeem Woodbine) in "Spider-Man: Homecoming". He's the shocker. It' not exactly the greatest bad guy in Spider-Man's Villains section, but it's great to see him on TV after a year of Green Goblins. Mason Phineas (Michael Chernus) doesn't really get his roguish nickname in the movie, but in the cartoons he is known as the inventor.

Mac Gargan (played by "Better Call Saul's" Michael Mando) is the man the vulture encounters on the arms trade boat and later encounters in jail. Unless you could put it together with the big collar print he wears in the movie, Mac Gargan finally becomes a scorpion.

For Donald Glover it's a small part in "Spider-Man: Homecoming", but an exiting one for Spidey-lovers. But that' not what makes him different for the movie. Davis is questioned by Spider-Man and says that he has a neephew who is living in the area. American Aaron Davis is the aunt of Miles Morales alias the ultimate man of spiders.

Miles took the place of Peter Parker of the Ultimate Universes in the comic books after he was murdered by the Green Goblin. Now he lives in the 616 major cosmos next to Peter Parker, whom we know and like, as it seems to be the case in the MCU. Glover's audition as Miles' grandson makes it even better that the "Atlanta" celebrity actually fought for the Spider-Man in 2010 before Sony went with Andrew Garfield.

In the end, his campaigns lead him to speak Miles in some cartoon show segments of Ultimate Spider-Man. Karen, the AI in Spider-Man's outfit, was a last-minute supplement and is pronounced by none other than Jennifer Connelly. Kenneth Choi nods big and subtly to the bigger MCU, playing the principle of Peter's pupil, Principal Morita.

Choi Jim Morita - a member of the Howling Commandos - performed "The First Avenger". He' s come back to basically be his own grandchild in Spider-Man: Home Coming. "There' s a snapshot of Jim and the Howling Commands in his studio talking to Peter. In the past the Spider-Man movies have rendered tribute to famed cover art and scenery (remember that Peter throws away his Spider-Man suit in the trash in "Spider-Man 2") and "Homecoming" is no different.

Towards the end of the movie, after the vulture has dropped a rooftop over Spidey, Peter fights to shift the debris from himself while rain falls on him. A homage to a well known Steve Ditko sequel from "The Amazon Spider-Man" #33. Following the last fight and the dusts settle, Peter is taken to the new Avengers Center in the hinterland of New York, where Iron Man is offering him an Avengers subscription and a brilliant new outfit.

Although it's not exactly the same, it has a similarity to the Iron Spider suite Stark makes for Peter during the cartoon plot of the Civil War.

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