Bhutan Taxi fare

Dhutan Taxi Tariff

A taxi is needed to get to Punakha, and it will take a whole day. The taxi, however, is faster and saves time. Taxitariff in Thimphu. Taxis in Thimphu. Taxi-price calculator 1 hour taxi wait (normal fare)75.

49 Nu. 12491.38 Nu.22842.36 Nu.321,193.35 Nu.421,544.34 Nu.521,895.32 Nu.* - This is an estimate fare. Fare may vary based on hour of night, toll charges, work (available routes), various automobile manufacturers, pricing errors, and other personal or computer-related errors. The local taxi rate is the same.

For the Olakha taxi rank we charge Nu.30 from the city stop directly under the major transport. Once I had traveled to Changbangdo, the rates were the same. Well, we guys are very puzzled about the regional taxi fare. Thank you very much and I look forward to the best comprehension of Taxi Fare la.

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Hi, Anyone please help me about buses / collective taxis / personal fares in Bhutan as follows: What would be the taxi fare from Phoentsholing to Thimpu? What kind of cars will be available when you rent out Phoentsholing to Thimpu for 12 people? ...what could be the costs?

Arrival at Hasimara station - Pick up from station - Drive to Thimpu - Transfer to hotel (Thimpu). 2nd picnic off. 2 // Visit Thimpu. 3 // Excursion to Punakha and back to Thimpu. 4 // Journey to Paro - Transfer to hotel - visit of Paro.

5 // Chelela Pass visited and Paro returned. 6 // Transfers to Hasimara train station. How you spent the night in which hotels, how you travelled, whether it was a package holiday or whether you did it alone and the expenses and everything. When you really find some writing about your TR, it would be a great help for others to come to Bhutan in the near term.

Could you tell me how much it takes to get to Thimpu via the Hasimara car and Isimara via Mount Paris??

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