Jet Flight Booking Domestic

Domestic Jet Flight Booking

important domestic sectors. Check or change your booking. Booking for national and touring flights Launch (special support): Staff are skilled to help our differently disabled travellers and we provide a range of benefits for all types of restrictions. It is possible to find out in detail in detail about the support we provide, either through this website or by making contact with our reservation department on +91987180333333/ +919654003333. Support when getting in and out of the seats/toilets.

We do, however, demonstrate our incapacity to offer our customers any help for individual caring onboard, such as food/drink, administering medications, eliminating features such as toilet help or other individual caring needs. When you need help with any of these, we suggest you take a carer with you.

Seats and air space available to persons with various disabilities: However, in order to comply with the DGCA required security standards, persons with reduced mobility who make it uncertain to assist in evacuating aeroplanes shall not be allowed a place where they would interfere with escape routes, interfere with flight crews in their tasks, interfere with entry to rescue facilities or interfere with aeroplane escape.

While our cab crews can help you get to and from the toilet doors, they cannot help you inside the toilet.

To make sure that the services meet your needs, our reservations and/or personnel can ask you a few queries to help decide the levels of support you need. Your escort will help you to transport you within the area of the terminal, to the pier and/or to the airplane doors (depending on the type of airport).

We have a highly skilled technical staff who can help you if you cannot move from your chair to your chair yourself. Travelers in their own wheelchairs with different disabilities may use their own manually or battery-powered wheelchairs up to the departure gates and/or airplane doors (subject to approval by the appropriate air traffic control authority).

Unfortunately, battery-powered wheelchairs with a sanitary unit mixer cannot be acceptable as they are highly corrosive and hazardous; travellers with crooks / dental appliances / other dental prosthetics: Customers may use their own crooks, suspenders and/or other artificial limbs up to the aeroplane and may, for example, embark on hand luggage if customers are dependant on them.

Visually impaired passengers: You can ask our cab crews for help with storing and recovering your stick if it is not foldable or cannot be stored under your chair. Each of these aids is free of cost.

In the interests of comfort, you can ask our cabin crew for the necessary support and we will do our best to help you in the best possible way. Should you need help during your flight with us, please let us know how we can best help you with your booking or check-in.

The following support is available: Meeting point and assistant to accompany you to and from the plane; prioritized boating. There is no need to book in beforehand if you wish to take a hearing instrument or a supporting instrument on board. This equipment can be used in all stages of the flight. Travelers traveling with Spine Support Systems (SSE):

The passenger must carry their own back bone supporting gear and should be fully accountable for its fitting, use and dismantling. When you plan to use Spine Assistance (SSE) systems, we suggest that you call us at +919871803333/ +91965400333333 at least 7 (seven) business days before your flight departs to advise us of your SSE specification.

Person who travels with an intern for medicinal purposes: Security Assist is obligatory if the passenger: travels in a gurney or an incubator or needs during the flight to get emergency care. Autistic or mentally handicapped passengers: Accompanying persons must take with them a doctor's note, together with a tranquilizer that can be prescribed by the accompanying person, before departure or on the way as needed.

Persons with mental and/or physical disturbances must always be accompanied by a qualified individual. Travellers traveling with in-house devices: When traveling with an in-house medicine product, such as a cardiac stimulator or cardiac ventilator, please notify the safety staff carrying out your examination at the time of booking and also at the airports before commencing the procedure.

Passagiere, who need a stretcher: In order to make a booking for a stretch-bag, please notify us at least 48 hrs before the planned flight start date. However, the fee for answering an airline stretch patient enquiry is the 09 (nine) seat fee at the rate in question plus a 30,000 INR stretch patient handling fee (including servicing fee and cancellation).

Below you will find the necessary application form for various diseases:

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